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Update and Review: Feel the Burn by G.A. Aiken

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How is everyone doing tonight? I am okay, a little tired but holding up. I finally managed to recover from RT after about three days. I have to say this RT was much better than the one in Dallas (granted I still didn't make it to any panels), but I still say New Orleans was my best RT. Like always I met up with old friends that I have missed and made new friends that I am excited to see and keep in contact with. (Total Fan Girl moment: I met Larissa Ione again and saw stars again. I simply love her, She is such an awesome person and her works are amazing. Now if only I can met J.R. Ward my life would be complete.)

Aside from RT, I am getting ready for Penned Con that is happening in September. Currently two of my friends are helping me with my currently published works while I work on getting this new story together (which in truth is taking me longer than I thought it would). I probably said this in another post but this will be the first convention that I will be signing at and I am extremely nervous and honestly pressed for time. Just thinking about all the work I have to do, from redesigning my covers, to making new bookmarks to thinking up new ideas for swag. It's a lot to take in but I am working on it and it will get done in time for the convention. I just hope I do well and am able to actually connect with people who have read my works and gain new readers.

In the mean time, while I am doing that, I have a awesome new review for you guys. So lets get into it before I get tired and forget what I want to say...

Feel The Burn by G.A. Aiken

First off let me just start off by saying I adore this series (I know I have said that before but it is true). With each new book that is added the world of the dragon kin series is expanded. With that being said, I let this book marinate in my head for a week or so, just so I can calm down off my initial high of finishing a book and actually think about it. Sometimes my feelings changes other times they don't.

For starters this addition to the series is about the Rebel King and the barbarian woman Kachka (she has some really long name in the book), who happens to be the rough and tough sister of the main character from the previous book Light My Fire (make sure to read that one too). Like all romance stories you get to watch them go through their journey and fall for each other. But, signature to Ms. Aiken's dragon kin serious, their story is not only filled with danger but humor that mixes with the overall dark tone of the story.

If you are up to date in the dragon kin world than you already know that there is a new "god" trying to be born and his minions all killing priestess and priest throughout the lands. The Mad Queen is not happy about this as is doing everything within her power to keep her people safe. In pushing back the minions she sends them into the Rebel King's territory, in turn he has to take a break from his own revenge to help with clearing out the new god's minions (of course there is much more going on but I don't want to give away too many spoilers) and protect his kingdom. In the process he continually runs into Kachka, who is a firecracker with a sharp and amusing tongue, and her comrades that make for added humor in their travels and deadly allies in battle.

There is a lot of diversity in this story, with the Rebel King being an Iron Dragon, to the Mad Queens and the Dragon Kin who are continuously referred to as lazy southern landers, to the barbarian women who are almost as strong as the dragon warriors. Like in Light My Fire, in Feel the Burn you get to see how the different cultures interact with each other and how each other them mange to keep their origins and yet fit together as one. Something I truly liked about this book.

For me the chemistry between the King and Kachka was not one so focused on passion and this overwhelming urge to have one another like in most of the stories (which is not a bad thing), but to me it seemed to be something more normal and real life like and most certainly comical. The insults Kachka would fly at the King and he would just embrace it made the book ten times better for me. Their personalities, while cultures clashed, where perfectly matched for each other. The King, while a dragon and still having that dragon arrogance, understood Kachka and her needs, giving her space when she needed it or protecting her when she needed it (even when she thought she didn't). Kachka gave the same balance to him as well and her character never seemed to get lost as she slowly began to recognize her feelings for the King. She remained the same sarcastic and fierce warrior she had been from the beginning.

Another thing that I liked was how, unlike most romance stories, these two never confessed and undying love for each other aloud. Of course their actions and such proved they were in love, but for this pair it was not something that necessarily had to be said. It was one of the first things I noticed when I finished reading the book.

Also, there were many side stories and plots going on and we also got introduced to a few new characters. Yet and still I will always love the Mad Queen's children, called the Abominations. They are just interesting and fun to read about. Strong willed and thinkers, I look forwards to seeing what is in store for them and if we will ever get their stories. One of the major relationships to grow out of this book was the Queen and her daughter. For me it was one of the more fundamental changes in that book... that's all I will say on that because I won't spoil anymore of the book.

Overall, like I said I enjoyed this book, (and I just realized that this is probably the only series where I don't have a favorite character), I believe this book was one of the stepping stones inroudcing the readers to a new phase that is coming in the dragon kin world and the growth of characters that you may or may not have noticed. I am excited to see who the next book will be about. I have my suspicions but I am not entirely sure what will happen.

Rating: 4/5

Would I recommend? Yes

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