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Review: Fighting to Forgive by JB Salsbury

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How are all of you doing tonight? It has been a while since I last updated, but life has been happening to me lately and I have a lot of work that needs to get done within the next few months and a few books that need editing and finishing before Penn Con in September. With that being said this is going to be a short post, a simple review of the recent book I read and my thoughts on it.

Let's begin shall we?

Review: Fighting to Forgive by JB Salsbury

Fighting to Forgive is another book that I purchased while at an RT convention not too long ago. I had the privilege of meeting Ms. Salsbury, and she was a very lovely lady.

This book is one of the first MMA fighter books that I have read, (side note: the more I learn about the industry the more I learn about all types of Sub-Genres of Romance. Pretty Cool if you ask me), and I must say that it was a very well done story. Both main characters; Layla and Blake, showed realistic character growth throughout the story. Their interactions with each other, from the moment they first met to the last kiss of the book, was like watching a romantic comedy with a slight dark edge given both characters back stories.

Ms. Salsbury does a excellent job giving enough backstory on the characters to make you feel as if you know them but not enough to take away from the story. Since I prefer third person as opposed to first person, which this book is, it shocked me that I was pulled so hard and fast into the story. I managed to read over half the book in a few hours (the only reason I stopped was because I had work in the morning, or else I would have finished it that night.)

I was instantly drawn to Blake's character and found myself fantasizing about having my own MMA fighter like him. Growing up with a militant father, it was understandable that he had serious family issues. Its no secret that just about every tortured character has come dark secret they hold on to, and Blake is no different. Except his secret was actually something that caught me off guard and was a delightful surprise that had me fall deeper in love with his character. Like always with a strong willed male character, I enjoyed watching his fall into the depths of love.

As for Layla's character she was indeed a strong woman, even if she was a bit predictable at times. I admired her will to start over and better her life for her and her daughter. I especially enjoyed watching her wrap Blake the Snake around her finger. Her interaction with her daughter, although there were times where her daughter pissed me off, were realistic and gave even more depths to the character. Making it so Layla not only had to deal with Blake but her daughter's well being was also in the back of her mind with everything she did. While Layla might not been the world's greatest mother she was definitely one that loved and would do anything for her daughter.

It is rare for me to get caught off guard by a book, however, there were several times when this books caught me off guard (but in a good way). The fast that I was caught off guard caused me to continue reading. From Blake's secret to Layla's EX showing up and almost ruining everything. I was continually shocked by the book. When I thought on thing happened... it didn't.

All in all a very good book with a decent plot, steamy love scenes, and touching moments that will make your heart melt.

Would I recommend this book? Yes

Rating: 4/5

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