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Updates and Reviews: Light my Fire by GA Aiken, Bound by Night by Larissa Ione, Reaver by Larissa Ione, Clifftop Fantasies, When Darkness Come by Alexandra Ivy

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How are all of my fellow bloggers doing tonight. Hope all of you are well and are enjoying the new year. I know I am excited for the new year and for new experiences. With that being said lets move on to the updates. As everyone knows, Eternal Light and DarKnight are available on Amazon and Barns and Noble. I am currently working on the next books in the series. As usual progress is slow and my characters talk to me when they feel like it. But, I guess that is the case when you are dealing with several different worlds and a countless array of characters. On the other hand I have been working on each book's cover and other images. I'd like to say I've made great progress and I can't wait to show you guys the covers a little later on. To be honest, that is pretty much all for my updates. So I guess I can move on to the reviews... and man, there are a lot of them. (Note: that some reviews might be longer or shorter than others.)

Light My Fire by G.A. Aiken

Ok, so first up is G.A. Aiken's Light My Fire, the newest addition to her dragon kin series. As I have said before this is one of my favorite series and one of the only ones I am currently up to date on. Every time I pick up one of the dragon kin series I know I am in for an entertaining and amusing ride. Such is the same with this newest book. Celyn the Charming has instantly become one of my favorite of the dragon family. Granted his question asking even got to my nerves in the book but it only added to his character and personality. Loyal, inquisitive, intelligent (more so than his other kin), and good in both bed and battle, I found myself longing to be with him. lol. The heroine of the story, Elina Shestakova (that is the short version of her name), is a good match for Celyn. She is strong, independent, and resourceful, granted her hard headed and distant behavior annoyed me at certain points, I still found myself liking her character. But with a mother who wanted you dead and a tribe that thought of you as nothing but a weakling, I understood her need to prove herself not only to those around her but also to herself. 

To be honest, there was so much world development and sub plots and characters running around that I found myself drawn more to their stories than the main one. But I love how Ms. Aiken can combine every single event in her book into the main plot and connect everything almost flawlessly. The royal brothers are still the gorgeous assholes they have always been and their woman are still strong and able to handle them perfectly. Annwyel (hoped I spelled her name right) indeed has a houseful of noisy, nosy, busy, loving and dangerous family. Their personalities add a sense a humor and togetherness (even with the constant bickering of brothers) to the world that coincides with the darker issue looming in the background. War and the threat of a new and dark god has caused all the characters to grow up and become closer even if they didn't want too. We are able to see much more of the dragon queen and her mate, which add another dangerous but humorous side to the story.There is a new character that is introduced that adds another air of danger and mystery to the world. Everyone seems to have children running all over the place with unknown powers. But it is the twins and their cousin that i can't wait to know more about. I can't wait to see how their stories develop as war is brought closer to home and their powers continue to grow. 

There is so much going on in this book that if I wrote anymore I would give away major points and good events that happen. I wont say that at one point I felt as if too much was going on, but I got over it in a few seconds and was glad to see what my other favorite characters were up to. 

Rating: 4/5

Would I recommend? Yes

Bound by Night by Larissa Ione

This one is a new one for Larissa Ione and while I didn't fall in love with the characters as I did with her demonica series I did enjoy this new series. Like always Ms. Ione delivers an amazing and sexy story. One thing I like about Ms. Ione is that her characters have diversity within them when dealing with their sizes. Nicole Martin, the daughter and CEO of her father's company isn't a model type woman but a nerdy scientist who was attacked by her household vampires and witnessed the death of her beloved nanny at the hands of her lover while she was a small child. A traumatizing and obviously life changing moment in a child's life. Then there is Riker, the lover of her nanny and the vicious vampire that killed her nanny (or so it seems), is tormented and hates humans and the Martin family. It was entertaining to watch these two battle each other and go from hating each other to falling in love. While this couple wasn't my favorite characters in this new series (I am more interested in the vampire leader) they were an excellent team. With betrayals and life altering secrets being revealed they had to overcome many hardships in order to build their relationship. For me, Nicole was definitely the type of woman Riker needed. She wasn't weak or needy despite the fact she had an illness. She was able to think on her toes and help the clan. She was a strength that Riker needed and she was the same for him. For me I didn't see Riker as a macho masculine male character, but he was still just as dangerous and deadly as any vampire. I don't know why I wasn't completely attracted to him and more towards his hot headed leader. Maybe its the hot headed attitude I like. 

There isn't much I can say about this book other than it is a good start to what I think could be another great series, And I am excited to start the second book in the series: Chained by Night, to see how the vampire leader fairs in his quest to save his people. 

Rating: Between a 3.5 and 4

Would I recommend? Yes

Reaver by Larissa Ione

Speaking of Ms. Ione's demonica series, Reaver (I am a book behind in this series) was an excellent and exciting book. Granted that if you have been reading the series and paying attention to Reaver's character it wasn't hard to figure out just exactly who he was and just how powerful he was. What I enjoyed about this book was taking the journey with him and Harvester down their past and their future. I think these two are the perfect pair for each other. Though if you told me when I was only in the second book of this series that the two of them would fall in love I wouldn't think it was possible. Both Harvester and Reaver have done horrible things to each other, unspeakable things yet they are two very strong characters that launch the demonica world into its next phase. I didn't think i could love a character more than I loved Ares for Eternal Rider, yet Reaver slid in and won my hear, granted I think Revenant, which is the next book of the series is going to steal me away from Reaver, because let's face it the bad good guy just pulls me in every time. He is like Reaver but a much darker version and just as strong for reasons that any one who has finished the book would know. But I digress, back to Reaver and Harvester and the horsemen. 

I have always liked Harvester, even when she was vile and evil. I always felt there was something more to her. And what do you know I was right. I respect Harvester for the strong woman she is and the powerful angel she became. Watching her bring a powerful being such as Reaver to his knees was a pure delight. Harvester's life and her back story is not for the weak of heart, especially since she is Satan's daughter. (Side note: I love how there is a difference between Lucifer and Satan, as they are two different beings and not one). Through the story we watch as Harvester goes from a frightened and tortured female (thanks to her farther) to the smart talking, kicking ass and taking names woman she had always been. 

I don't want to give away the main plot, especially since it involves the horesmen, but this book is another great addition to the series. 

Rating: 5/5

Would I recommend? Yes

Clifftop Fantasies by Cassidy Browning

Ok, so this is a book I brought when I went to the convention and I must say this was a very good read. Granted the main character Allie got on my nerves a majority of the time because of her constant insecurity and worry, but I understood where she was coming from. Now, this is the first BDSM book I have ever read and I must say that it got hot and heavy and I loved every minute of it. The author did a very good job of explaining the power structure of a Master and Submissive relationship. At one point during reading this I found myself wondering if this was the type of relationship I needed for myself... something to think about isn't it. lol There's not much I am going to say about this book other than go and read it... that is if you can handle hot and heavy sex scenes and are easily offended. 

Rating: 4/5

Would I recommend? Yes  

When Darkness Comes by Alexandra Ivy

And for the last book on my review list. This will be another short one since I have drained my reviewing powers. 

This is the first book that I have read by Alexandra Ivy, I picked it up because I had met her at the convention and she had been such an amazing and nice person that I decided to give her books a try. As always with most first books in a series this book was a great start. Abby who is the heroine of this story, after working for a wealthy employer who has a sexy man in the house with her is thrown into a world she knows nothing about. Vampires, demons, witches, wizards and Abby handles it like a champ, Taking the monsters on, though she might be scared she wouldn't run away. Aside with being basically cursed, she is now bound to the very man, who she learns is a vampire, that she has secretly been yearning for. Dante, (which is one of my favorite names), is a powerful and dangerous vampire, though not as dangerous as his friend Viper apparently. (Side note: Viper is actually my favorite character so far.) A chained and tamed beast lives inside of him, one that wants nothing more than to protect the woman he loves and destroy everything out to hurt her. Their journey takes them down a road where the impossible can happen and they are forced to acknowledge their weaknesses and strengths and protect what is most important to them. I will be buying the second book to this series. Like I said this review was going to be short.

Rating: 4/5

Would I recommend? Yes

Now with all my reviews out of the way, I am off to work on my own writing so that I am ready for this convention and ready for you guys to meet the new characters of my worlds. 

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