Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Update and Reviews

Hey there fellow bloggers and followers, how are you guys doing tonight? I know it has been a while since my last post but things have been a little busy for me between work and writing. As everyone should know both Eternal Light and DarKnight: Ancient Bloodlines are up on and Eternal Light is on As of right now I am working on about four different tittles, all of which I am currently in the beginning/middle part of them. I believe I told you the titles but just in case I didn't here they are. The first one is Eternal Earth, which of course is Adien's story and the second book in the hound series. Yup that's right everyone Adien is finally talking to me again and man, oh man, does this book have some surprises in store. I am super excited to finish it. If you liked Radien's story then you are going to love Adien. The second is DarKnight: Dawn of the Red Sun, which, like Eternal Earth , is the second book in a series. DKDRS, is the continuation of Alexos's story and the climax of the battle. If I ever manage to get off the first chapter and merge the chapters I have already written I would probably have half of the book written, but as you know me and my writer's block. I am stuck on the first chapter. The other two stories are new stories that I believe I told you about: SnoWolf and Twisted Midnight. Those are going well and I am excited for everyone to meet these enticing characters. Another thing that I have been working on since coming back from NOLA is my website which is taking me much longer than I expected to get up and running. I had no idea so much could go into creating a website. Hopefully, I can have that done by the end of the year. And that is basically it for what I am doing with my writing.

Now it is time for the fun part, so lets get to the reviews. I have a couple of books that I have to review so lets get to it.... and here we go:

Review: The King by J.R. Ward

I must say that J.R Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series is one of the only series that I am currently up to date with. Which says a lot. I remember when I first heard of this book coming out I was so excited to see what was going to happen next in the Brotherhood. And, as per usual, Ms. Ward did not disappoint. Even though this book is not introducing a new couple as the main characters it is an awesome book that continues not only the brotherhood story but Beth and Wrath's story as well.

Needless to say, as with all J. R Wards books the writing is excellent and well done. Her characters, both the main characters, and secondary characters grip you and have you wondering what is going to happen next. I must say that I love Ms. Ward's ability to write three stories in one novel and yet not take away from the main story. This way of writing gives her more room with her stories and characters, letting her pick and choose which character's book will be next. Granted her next book is another one that I am excited to read about.

Going back to the story of Beth and Wrath, The King was an excellent continuation of seeing how this couple is deal with the stress of not only Wrath's blindness but also his life being in constant danger. While we all know this is a paranormal romance, reading the story and how Ms. Ward shows that even fated couples have issues, makes the characters feel even more real and relate able. Reminding us that they are still individuals even while being mated. That they do not lose themselves to the other but are able to stand strong in the face of danger and everyday life. There are huge surprises and twists and turns in this book that had me at the edge of my seat, or better yet wishing I read faster so I can see what happens next. There is even a new character that is introduced and I have a feeling he is going to fight with Rhage for the first place spot in my heart. This book was definitely worth buying in hardcover and paying the extra money. Which is the way I feel about all Ms. Wards books. The evolution and changes in her world are amazing and getting more complex with each new novel.

There is no doubt that J.R. Ward is my favorite author. If I had the chance to meet her in person I would just tell her how amazing and inspirational her writing is to me.

Rating: 5/5

Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes, definitely

Review: The Last Kiss Goodnight by Gena Showalter

I have mixed feelings about this book. It is definitely not one of my favorite books my Gena but I
have read worse from a author that I like. And it had nothing to do with poor writing or editing or anything like that, because as we all know Ms. Showalter's books are very well written. However, unlike her Lords of the Underworld series and her other Assassins novels, this one failed to pull me in. For this book I was able to put it down for days at a time and come back to it later. Many times I wanted to put it down and start anew book but I forced myself to finish it. I don't know if it was because I female character was too whiny at certain moments or the fact that the majority of the book took place in a cage and the male lead was drugged and weak during a majority of the book. I don't know. I feel there is something missing from this book. I didn't fall in love with the male lead,for me he was lacking the usual pull Ms. Showalter gives with her characters. His heroine just got on my last nerves constantly whining. I didn't truly get a feel for her other than she was an abused woman who seemed to latch on to the first male that showed her true kindness. Also I didn't feel as if there was any real growth between the characters as their relationship progressed. For my it was more interesting reading about the bad guys then it was the main couple.

Being that this is the first in her new series,  it was a let down. But I have brought the second book in the series and I hope it is better than the first. The is one of the first times that I can say that I did not enjoy a book written by Ms. Showalter.

Rating: 2.5 or 3/5

Would I recommend this to a friend? No, not really

Review: Rogue Rider by Larissa Ione

Finally, I have read the last of the four horsemen stories. I must say the Ms. Ione did an amazing job
telling Resph's story. Granted, I never pictured one of the four horsemen and probably one of the most dangerous of them as a house husband and farmer but it worked well for the story. The heroine was well suited and very strong a perfect combination for Resph and the type of woman he needed after everything that happened to him. With him as Pestilence you really couldn't feel to bad for him, granted his darker half was a character I loved even though he threw the world into chaos.

Resph was definite eye candy, and if I found a handsome naked man in the woods I don't know I just might take him home with me too. This book provided a great segment into Reaver's book and also dropped a bombshell on us that I was thinking about but I wasn't too sure about. And because I don't want to give away any spoilers for those who haven't read this book yet I wont say what it is. But it was definitely a nice surprise.

Like always Ms. Ione's world is filled with passion and danger and keeps you entangled in the pages of the book until the very last page.

Rating: 4/5

Would I recommend this to a friend? Yup

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