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Update and Reviews: Lover at Last by J.R. Ward, How to Drive a Dragon Crazy by G.A. Akin, Blood Vow by Karin Tabke, Retribution by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Hello fellow bloggers how have you all been? I know I have been gone for a while but a lot of things have been going on, or well at least I am trying to get things moving forward. So i guess I will update everyone. Eternal Light, I have given to a few people to read and edit for me. I also have someone doing a new and improved cover for me. I am trying to get it posted on Barnes and Noble for the masses. Don't get me wrong smashwords is great but Barns and Noble will get it to way more readers and different opinions. But first it has to be edited again by real editors and formatted, which will be the last thing I do once I have the cover and editing done. I am hoping to have this done by June or the end of June. Hopefully I can get everything done by then. As far as the other books are concerned I am working on those as well. For DarKnight: Ancient Bloodlines, I am almost done writing that. Just a few more chapters and it will be ready for the editing process. But I keep getting writers block or because I am writing at work I keep getting distracted. But I have begun to create profiles for the characters and trying to find pictures that could represent what they look like just so the readers can have an visual. SnoWolf is coming along as well just a little slower because I have been focused on the other two books. I also started working on a collaboration with another writer so that story is in the works. That one is called Twisted Midnight. That is actually going to be a short story or novella I guess, at least that is what I am aiming for but we will see it might be longer though. Well that is pretty much what i have been doing these past few months. Oh and I have a few reviews to give you guys. So shall we get started? And here we go...

Review: Lover at Last by J.R. Ward
From the moment I was introduced to J.R. Ward and the Black Dagger Brotherhood I have been hooked on each and every book. Granted some were better than others but each of her books I have loved and this one is no exception. Like all of her books I could not put this one down. Like most all of her followers and readers I have waited years for Blay and Quinn's story and now that I finally have it I was free to indulge myself in them. Man the wait was worth it. This book made me laugh, cry, get frustrated, laughed some more.
     Quinn is by far one of my favorite characters. Just watching him grow and mature into a true male of worth was epic. From having a troubled past with his family, to finally accepting himself and his love of Blay, Quinn in truly a heroic character. He had to struggled with his jealously and assumptions about Blay like any other male would have done and in his own way he dealt with it as best as he could. One of the things that I like about Ward's writing is that she provides an atmosphere that makes you feel as if you are at the compound with the brothers and you are actually feeling and seeing what is going on with them. Quinn's love, frustration, confusion, and loneliness seeped out from the page and gripped me from the very beginning.
     Blay as well. He is the perfect match for Quinn. From the very beginning he was the one always there for the warrior and forcing him to be more than what he was yet at the same time accepting him for who he was. Yet Blay as well as Quinn had his own troubles with himself for being to open and honest with Quinn. Even though he did start a relationship with another male we all knew that it was Quinn he wanted. Not just from the fact that the book was about the two of them and their journey to get to each other but also because the love that Blay held, the love that Ward painted long before this book had already solidified the foundations for the two of them to get together.
    Through the massive book there were many obstacles that the two of them had to over come, not just with themselves but with the others around them. I will try my best not to give away any spoilers for those who didn't read the book but I will say that this book is full of surprises that forced each character to grow up with more than just their feelings.
     As with any Brotherhood book the brothers and everyone else is there and in full effect. As always I am always happy to get a glimpse of Rhage (who is still my favorite brother) and the other brothers. Like always Ward does an excellent job on filling us in with what the brothers are doing and what is going on in the world of the Caldwell as each book progresses. She has introduced new players and old enemies that has me wondering what her next book will be about and who will star in it. Now that all of the bothers have their own books who is next? I have my ideas that it will involve the Chosen but I have no idea which one. Though I do have a fondness for Layla and Xcor. I am really interested to see how  they will come together with Xcor having a hit out by the brotherhood on him. Then there are the twins who provide even more mystery to the storyline.
    Like always the story revolves around the king and those plotting to take his throne and the lessers. Wrath is awesome and though he prefers to be on the battlefield I think he is an excellent king. He rules with a strong and iron fist and he will not bow down to the whims of those that still live in the past with no hope of moving forward. Yet at the same time he has a softer side when it comes to his brothers and his mate. Because I don't want to give anymore away I will stop here with Beth and Wrath, but like I said before I am looking forward to the next Brotherhood book and what is going to happen next.

Rating: 4.9/5

Would I recommend this to a friend? Without a doubt, I recommend the entire series and anything else J.R. Ward has written

Review: How to Drive a Dragon Crazy by G.A. Akin

This is another book that I have been waiting for since I first started the series and was introduced to Izzy and Eibhear the Blue. These to have been fighting their attraction to each other from the very beginning and watch the Blue dragon finally come to his senses was the greatest thing ever. Like always with a Dragon Kin book my eyes were glued to the page and a giant smile was plastered across my face as I watched Izzy kick ass left and right and bring the giant dragon down to his knees. But don't get me wrong Eibhear was just as strong as Izzy and just as funny. He actually gave in quicker than I thought he would have, even though he followed her to hell and back. Like J.R. Ward, G.A Akin and her dragons are one of the only series that I am currently up to date with and loving every moment of it. Being transported from one world to another is great. Passion and stalker tendencies capture the reader and pull them into this world. All the titles of each book fit the stories perfectly because Izzy definitely did drive Eibhear crazy. But their passion had me damn near fusing myself with the pages of the book.
     Not only did these two have to deal with their own emotions but their families as well. Actually not really because it seemed that their kin knew this was going to happen and were all for it, that is of course except for Izzy's adoptive father and Eibhear's older brothers. They were not to happy and watching them try and bully their younger brother like they used to and get their butts kicked was hilarious. The antics of the families provided for many of the funny scenes of the book.
   My favorite thing about G.A.Akin series is that just like Ward's brothers the world of the dragons is always changing and each book fills in the gaps of the years that pass between each book so that the reader never feels lost or confused, especially if they haven't read the books in order. Though it is much better if the books are read in order so the reader can get the full extent of the characters personalities and the strength of their relationships. Needless to say I am extremely excited for the next book in this series, especially when I have no clue who is going to be next because the brothers all have their mates but their family is so big and interesting that any one of the dragons could have their own book. I have a few characters I would love to see get together but I guess I will have to wait and see.

Rating: 4.9/5

Would I recommend this to a friend? Damn Skippy

Review: Blood Vow by Karin Tabke

There was nothing better than watching these two alpha males get brought to their knees by a strong woman. I loved this trilogy from the very beginning. And though who my favorite brother is constantly switches I love both Lucan and Rafael equally just like Falon. I wondered after reading Blood Right how Mrs. Tabke was going to pull this hot threesome off, especially with Falon having a secret like she had. And boy oh boy did she pull it off. Egos of alphas are no joke. But I will say that Lucan was more cooperating that Rafael was but once he came along Falon and the reader were taken on a wild ride that had me fanning myself from the heat on the page. Together they faced obstacles from their races and the council to their own personal issues. Rafael had a little control issues as well as Lucan yet the younger brother proved to be a little more understanding than his older brother. A truly steamy book that brought hears and bodies together.
    Not only was the romance and love between the three captivating, but the storyline and the twists and turns in the book were just as good. It turns out that though the bad guys were bad their reason behind their actions were somewhat understandable. From being an outcast hated by all to being programed by DNA to hate something that you truly didn't understand. Once every thing came out to the open, all the betrayal and the truth only then were the characters, all of them< able to truly unite as one pack and defeat their enemies. There were many touching scenes in the book but for me the most heartfelt one was (this is going to be a spoiler) when Falon finally faced off against her father and learned of his true feelings and yet she still had love and understanding for him. Great moment in the book and showed Falon's true strength and why she was indeed the only woman who could tame the two alpha's and unite the pack.

Rating: 4.5

Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes, it is worth the read if you don't mind steamy love scenes

Review: Retribution by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Lastly, if you haven't noticed I've listed these by favorites, is Retribution. I was hesitant to read this book given the way I was disappointed with the previous books and this one was no exception. Better than both Bad Moon Rising and No Mercy, Retribution was still lacking. The story line for Sundown was too out of the blue for me, especially being that we rarely saw his character in the other books, well enough for me to be interested in his story. This book took us from New Orleans to Vegas and to some unknown Indian place. I understand the purpose of this book was to give a little on Mrs. Kenyons Indian background but I believe it could have waited a little until we saw more of Sundown in other books. With that being said the book was not a complete let down. I do like Sundowns character through he really didn't pull me in. This book I was able to put down and walk away from and return to a few days later (which is what I did).
     There was a lot of great action scenes in this book however and the secondary characters provided good entrainment. TO be honest I much rather find out more about Ren and ShaSha than Sundown. I believe Ren book is the one after this so i will be getting that one soon. Needless to say I am still disappointed in the current dark hunter books, which is why i am just now reading this one and have fallen behind.  It seems to me that her books that have nothing to do with the dark hunter world are better than dark hunters. The league novels are great and so are the other series, the chronicles of nick are also good. I really don't have too much to say about this book because it was not worth remembering sad to say. I hope the next one will be better.

Rating: 2.5/5

Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes and No, yes because it is part of the serious but no because I feel this one can be skipped for the most part.

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