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Update and Reviews: Eternal Rider and Immortal Rider by Larissa Ione

Hey follow bloggers what's the tea? Lol Don't mind me, I just recently watch this sitcom Noah's Arc, and I've been wanting to say "What's the tea?" since seeing the show. But anyway, I have been writing a little bit more. I have been working on SnoWolf and I am up to chapter 6. Chapter 6 is going to be a pretty long chapter and its gonna be the first love scene between the characters. This is supposed to be a short story/novella and not a full length novel so I am only writing about 15 chapters for this story. I was thinking about maybe making it a novella series...or maybe not now that I think about it. I think for this one I will tie everything up in one shot. Especially since all the new books I am working on are part of series. It's crazy because even as I am writing this I am picturing how all the events are going to play out in the next chapter. I think in chapter 6 and in chapter 7 is when all the secrets the other characters have been hiding are going to come out since they are snowed in the house until the storm passes. Yeah I think that is what I am going to do, because I really don't want to make this a series because this doesn't seem like a series book....Well now that I worked that out and talked about SnoWolf let me update you on The Faye Princesses, wellll there really isn't much to update you on. I have written a little on the current chapter and added a new character that you will see more in one of the other books. But other than that I haven't been writing anything new for this book. I have some writer's block about what has to happen next. There's a lot going on in this world and I am forgetting in what order everything has already happened, though when I reread the chapters it seems to flow easily. As for the Hounds I still haven't finished editing Eternal Light, nor have I been working on Eternal Earth. It was suggested that I should focus on one book at a time. They might be right but how can I fight when I am working on one project and a scene for another book comes up. I have to write it out because I will not remember what is supposed to happen. Trust me I have tried to remember what happens and I have lost a lot of good scenes that way.....But anyway moving on. Lets get to the reviews (I swear sometimes I don't know why I don't read more and get lost in the world of warriors and ancient legends)

Review: Eternal Rider by Larissa Ione

Took me a while before I finally reached into my library and pulled this book out. And oh man, I should slap myself for not picking up War's story earlier. Eternal Rider is the first book in the Lords of Deliverance series by Larissa Ione. This series is a break off from her previous Demonica series and deals with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse  The first book Eternal Rider is Ares story or better known as War before his seal breaks. As everyone should know he is the Horsemen of War, but until his seal breaks he is just Ares, a sexy half demon half angel god on two legs. His heroine is Cara, who is a woman dealing with supernatural powers and pretty much a boring life. I am going to skip giving you the back blurb of this book because you can read that anywhere and if you are familiar with Larissa and her work you already know the back of the book. But I will say in short that the book is about preventing Ares's seal from breaking and for the characters to discover themselves and each other, which is the same with each romance.
     One reason Larissa Ione is one of my favorite writers is because not only is she able to grab and pull me in with the first chapter but she is able to intertwine her worlds in together and piece events from her previous series into the current one and make them all related. She also takes a different approach to Biblical events and makes her own unique story. She creates a giant world where you see new characters and yet the same old character's that you love. Ares's had always been my favorite god/horseman. Just don't ask me why because I don't know. There has always just been something about War that drew me more than the other horsemen in the series. As with all warrior and alpha male arc types Ares is a hard ass and great general. Because he is war he has never lost a battle and lives for bloodshed, it intoxicates him the same way sex does. His character is larger than life and it was a joy watching him be driven crazy be the woman he loves. As we all know by now I love to watch the break down of the Alpha character and this was no exception. However unlike in The Mating (which I previously reviewed) Cara, who is Ares's woman, makes a great match for him. She doesn't take of his mess or his attitude. She frustrates him while at the same time drawing him in. And though in the beginning she was a little shaken up, she is a resilient and strong character. Watching them come together in order to save the world from Ares's brother Pestilence was great.
     There are many character's in the first book, some old and some new, and Larssia does a great job in making sure the reader isn't overwhelmed with all the information. One major character that you have a love/hate relationship with is Ares's brother Reasph or better known as Pestilence  once his seal was broken from the events in the last Demonica book. As Reasph his character is a charming playboy that looks out for those he loves, however once he turns into Pestilence his character is twisted and dark. Larissa knows how to create a great evil character. Like I always say if your going to make a bad guy make him bad and good at it, which is exactly what Pestilence is. He taunts all his siblings and in war's book is doing everything that he can to break his seal, from killing all the Fallen Angles to trying to kill Ares's woman. He wont stop and all the while he is creating diseases and wars all across the world.
     Larissa also does a great job in keeping us informed about what is going on in the background while keeping the focus on Ares's and Cara. She also introduces Thantos and Limos, or Death and Famine  and their characters are just as well rounded as all the other major characters in the story. Immediately after being introduced to the characters I was looking forward to their stories. I couldn't put Eternal Rider down and as soon as I finished it I picked up the next book and finished that in one day. While both main characters grow and progress, Ares's doesn't have as much of a character growth as Cara does. While Ares gets in touch with his emotions and realize that the rage and anger that he has been misdirected , Cara has to overcome her fear of using her power and her past because of that she is able to save no only herself but a whole species and the world.
     Needless to say this was another one of Larssia's great works. As always her characters are engaging and the world captivating. The reader is constantly in a sate of what is going to happen next and keeps the page turning. Since I first picked up the first novel in the Demonica series I have been hooked and seems I will continue to be hooked. With each book the world changes and grows. Events constantly happen that move the plot along and force the characters into situations that develop them.

Rating: 5/5

Would I reccomend this to a friend? Yes

Review: Immortal Rider by Larssia Ione

     Like I said previously once I finished the first book I instantly picked up the second one Immortal Rider which is Arik and Limos's story. And much similar to Ares's book Limos is dealing with her brother turning evil and trying to destroy the world. However Limos book though dark and dangerous seemed lighter than Ares book. It seemed that besides figuring out how to Limos's seal the biggest thing was figuring out how to get her away from Satan, who she was engaged to. I will say that Limos's story held a lot of secrets that upset her brothers yet they weren't secrets that were surprising. Limos character was not as brutal as Ares or Thantos characters. She is much more girly than I thought she would be yet at the same time it can be seen a s a distraction from her pain. Though Limos likes to party and have fun her character is much more depressing and in pain. She hides her pain behind the drinks and fake smiles. Not even her own brothers know about her pain, it seems the only one who can see through her is Arik.
    I found Arik's character to be a little different than what I remember him to be in the Demonica series. But he is much more like able and as resilient as Limos is. From the very beginning they had claimed each other and didn't right it. Yet at the same time I don't think either of these characters were as developed as Ares and Cara. The main point, as I stated before, was to figure out a way to get her out of her relationship with Satan. Which I found pretty interesting and wanted to see how that was going to go. I like how Larissa separated between Satan and Lucifer, by making them two separate beings. It provided and interesting twist to the story.
     Needless to say I look forward to reading the next book in the series and seeing what happens next. I know this review was short and I apologize for that but I am at work and had to cut it short. But it is still a great book.

Rating: 4/5

Would I reccommend this to a friend? Yes

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