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Update and Review: The Darkest Surrender by Gena Showalter

Hello fellow bloggers how are you all doing this evening? I hope all is well with you guys. I have been doing ok. My writing is still going a little slow but I am in a much better mood. And I can finally say that Eternal Light is published!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no I didn't go through an agent or anything like that but I did go through and published it as an E-book. I made my own cover and everything. So now that it is out there I hope that it gets good reviews from anyone that reads it. I fear that there will be a lot of negative comments about my book but I put it out there any way. So here is the link: It's a free download that can be read on almost every device. So read and enjoy....with that being said lets move on to this review before I get tired and decide not to write...

Review: The Darkest Surrender by Gena Showalter

Once again Gena continues to prove why she is one of my favorite authors. With each new edition to her Lords of Underworld novels she adds more to the characters and plot. She keeps the world moving like clock work and her words flow effortlessly throughout the story. I have yet to be disappointed by any book of hers and this one is no exception. I had though Aaron and Sabin my favorite Lords but after reading Strider and Kia's story I must say that Strider ranks pretty high in the list of my favorite Lords. Possessed by the Demon of Defeat, Strider cannot lose any challenge placed before him no matter how trivial it might be. His sex appeal, confidence, and arrogance captures the reader and pulls them into his charming ways. His is a strong alpha character that is complemented by the novels heroine Kia, a beautiful, persistent, harpy that challenges Strider in the most pleasurable ways. Gena throughout the novel is able to set the stage and background story for the characters. For instance Kia's past is revealed and why she and her sisters are out casted by their family. Throughout the story we watch as Kia struggled with her own insecurities not only when dealing with Strider but also with her family and other Harpies (who behave like gladiators on steroids). While Kia struggles not only with her feelings for Strider and other things, the reader is given a front row seat as Strider is brought to his knees by the beautiful Kia. He and his demon end up falling in love with Kia.

In an effort not to give anything away I will say that like always Gena does an excellent job with character development. She sets forth the problems of the characters and provides solutions by the end of the novel so the reader isn't left asking what happened. The environments are described enough so that the reader knows where the events are taking place but the do not drag on to the point they bore the reader to sleep. The sex scenes (of which there are many) are steamy and emotional, yet never raunchy.  The Harpy games we much similar to watching Spartacus. There were other characters and Lords involved in the book that provided comical relief at times and reminded the reader that this is just one story happening in a world that was constantly changing. To put it simply this book is a must read for all Lord of the Underworld fans. Unlike another one of the authors (who has written seveal disappointing books) Gena gets better with each next installment.

Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes

Rating: 4/5

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