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Update and Review: Lover Reborn by J.R Ward

Hey bloggers whats going on? Well I'm doing good I don't really have any new updates since the last time I updated. I'm still writing and it's still a slow process. However I do have a new review to write....sooooooo here we go....

Review: Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward

Ok so the moment I finished this book I wanted to write the review because I was so excited about it. But I decided to wait a week or two to give you time to digest the previous two reviews I gave. But now that the week is over I can happily write my review of the book.


Tohrment: The one brother in the Brotherhood that suffered the most. Dealing with the death for his beloved and unborn child he was almost destroyed. He only lived for vengeance and the death of slayers. Nothing was more important to him then his hatred for everything around him. His character changed so drastically in his book that it amazed me. His change in attitude didn't happen quick and sloppy but gradually and moved with the time of the story. 

No'One: Always covered with her hood she lives in her own self imposed prison much like Tohr. She has lost much of what she loves and seeks to rebuild her relationship with her daughter and live as happily as she could.

Both these characters we so similar and different at the same time that watching them come together and realize their true potentional was better than any of the fighting scenes or love making scenes. Once again in a effort to try not to give away any spoilers for those who haven't red the book I will try to be as general as possible. First off the over all plot and concept of the story has been the same since the first book. To kill all slayers and destroy the Omega, however with the introduction of new characters that also want to kill the King and destroy the Brotherhood the plot has taken an interesting twist, because though these new characters are "bad" guy they aren't evil. 

This book was just as large as John's book and just as good if not better. One of the reason's I love J R Ward so much is that though her books have the main couple in the book she also incorporates the other Brother's within the story and she does it without taking away from the main character's of the story. Not to mention I love knowing how the Brother's relationships and lives are going once their own books have finished. J R Ward books are like real life, even though we each have our own story we also have those who lives play out right along with us. I enjoyed seeing the growth in John's relationship with Xhex, and Quinn's growth as well as all the other brother's. Basically all her books show continual growth within the world she created and the characters within it.

Tohr's journey and basically his rebirth was a beautiful and epic story filled with many moments of sadness and many times I grew so frustrated with Tohr and his stubbornness that he couldn't see that he was his own worst enemy that I wanted to go through the book and slap some sense into him. But watching him grow and change from the male that we have seen since Rhage's book (book 2), well I will just say that it definitely worth the year or so wait. He almost replaces Rhage as my favorite character...almost being the key word cause I simply love Rhage but Tohr has taken up the second place and bumped Z out of the way. 

No'One's character though she appeared weak and afraid was anything but. She was just as strong headed as Tohr but her own torment came from the abuse that she had been through a long time ago. I appreciated the fact that these two characters had a history with each other that gave more background understanding to their instant attraction to each other. Read and watching how No'One reveled her true self and true power makes her the perfect female for Tohr. They in a sense was the mirror images of each other....

Ok since I almost gave away some important spoilers I'm going to end this review by saying that if you are a J.R Ward fan like I am then I am sure you have already read the book and loved it. For those who haven't I must insist that you invest your time and money into this series. All the books are good and move the entire Brotherhood world along in a normal pacing that make you feel that you live with them and though it might be a year before the next book you feel as if you haven't missed a thing. All of her books are well written, contains enough detail to inform the reader but not bore you.

Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes I would a thousand times over

Rating: 5/5

I am excited to read the next book and I wonder who this one will be about and which way the fate of the Brother's and those in their world will turn. J.R Ward motivates me to continue with my own work. I absolutely love her writing.

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