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Update and Review: Atlantis Unleashed by Alyssa Day

Hey bloggers whats going on? I know its been a long time since I updated but alot of things have been going on  and I've been drained from all of the drama. However I am back now (for the moment anyway). So since I'm here let me begin and get straight to the point and begin with these updates. So lets see where do I begin...First off of course I'm gonna start with The Hounds but then again nothing is really going on with them since Adien decided he still isn't talking to me. I don't know why he is so upset with me but I guess I'll just use Harmony to coax him into speaking to me (lol) but since I haven't been working on The Hound series, I have been working on the Faye Princesses series and I must say that I'm extremely pleased at the direction of the first book so far and though its a slow progress I actually feel these characters are more developed than I intended them to be. I am really enjoying the way Alexios is changing and developing as a character and the princess as well. And since their story is almost over I'm wondering who is going to be next. The way its looking it seems as if Kale is eager to have his story told. However the plot for his story doesn't fit into the timeline of the world as the second book. But he is talking to me loud and clear most times so I might make minor adjustments. What I really want to do is have someone read it and then tell me who they feel should get the next story. Honestly I just want to see who likes what character (lol). But most likely it will be Kale that gets his book next....hummmmmm (thinking face).

Well while I figure that out I have another book review to add. So lets begin....

Review: Atlantis Unleashed by Alyssa Day


What can I say about this book but that it was as good as the others in the series. Granted it took a few chapters for me to really get into the book however that wasn't due to the book being boring but me rather being busy with other things. However once I finally sat my behind down and read the book it was an enjoyable read. It didn't pull me in to the characters though but I did enjoy the book. Now lets jump into the review shall we....

The Characters:

Justice: I've enjoyed Justice's character from the first time he was introduced. A troubled warrior with a past and secrets that no one knew about. Add to that he's a true alpha male with sexy blue hair and you have a character that the reader can't help but love. His struggles to come to grips with himself and the world around him leads to a extremely interesting character development story, especially since he has multiple personalities. His other side being a Nereid side that he has denied for a long time began speaking to him from the very beginning and adding to the dynamic of the character. By the end of the book the two halves have joined and can control unlimited power. The Nereid side or the dark Justice is what really drew me to Justice's character. 

Keely: I must say that Keely bored me at the beginning of the book. But as the story progressed and her true personality came out she made for the perfect heroine and mate to Justice. Like I have said before I love a strong female character who is not afraid to punch her mate in the face when she gets tired of his he male alpha routine. Which is exactly what Kelly does. She is interdependent and has a mind of her own and is never over shadowed by Justice's strong presence in the book. She is felt just as strongly as he is. 

The Plot:

In my opinion there really wasn't much of a serious plot to the stories like the first two books. This one was mainly about Justice and his battle with himself. In a sense I don't even believe that Keely (in the plot of the story) was actually as important as Justice. Of course she as a character had her own delimas to deal with but it always came back to Justice and how he could deal with his darker side and the feelings of abandonment and neglect that he felt from when he was younger. Also the torture that he went through at the hands of his enemy. As they journey through the jungle to find the Start of Artemis and fight vampires it all comes back to Justice accepting himself as a whole. As a character development plot this book exceeds in character development for Justice. But as a regular plot that moves the story  forward it doesn't do a extreme job. Though the warriors do get the star and add one more piece to help raise Atlantis that seemed minimal in importance when compared with Justice and his struggles. 

Would I recommend this to a friend?  Of Course

Rating: 3.5/5

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