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Review: Dark Taste of Rapture by Gena Showalter

Gena has some of the sexiest covers...soo yummy
Review: Dark Taste of Rapture by Gena Showalter

I don't know where to start with this book but other than I absolutely loved it. Which is not surprising since everything I have read by her I have adored. From the Atlantis series, to the Lords of the Underworld, and the Alien Huntress series, each new edition to the series has pushed the series further and introduced new and captivating characters. The Dark Taste of Rapture is no different. First of the cover of the book is simply sexy and captivating (one reason I was extra motivated to purchase the book). Secondly Hector Dean is my favorite character of the alien huntress series, next to Mckell that is (who can't resist a sexy, possessive, gorgeous, he-man vampire who will love unconditionally and at your beck and call? I know I can't). With that being said lets hop into the review

First off Hector Dean is most definitely my type of man. He gorgeous with or with out hair, totally ripped, powerful, respected, loyal and honest to a fault. Tortured by his past, the loss of his brother, and the power of his arms (that can atomize) that he can't control. He has a strong cold resolve and is continuously ashamed of himself and the things he has to do in order to keep his power under control. However all that changes when he meets Nolle and she turns his world upside down. She shatters Hector's resolve from the moment they meet. Through he tries to fight his growing desire for the woman he assumes is aloof and an air head, that is until he sees what she can do that is, he fails. Second in my opinion Gena did a great ob of paring Hector with Nolle, who is exactly nothing like she appears to be. She is strong, beautiful, and extremely crafty in getting what she wants. Unlike most female characters she didn't over react or get too emotional over Hector and the way he treated her (in an effort to push her away from him and the danger he thought he posed to her). For Hectors doom and gloom attitude she was the fun loving and more easy going. By far on of my favorite female lead characters of any series. She suffers with her own feelings of insecurity. Coming from one of the richest families around she loves comfort but she is not the prissy and pampered type neither. She cares nothing for her money and is not selfish in her giving, especially when it comes to those she loves or her comrades. In battle bother her and Hector are to be feared. She at times more so than him (that is until he gets mad and is pushed past his limits).

Dark Taste of Rapture was both sad and comical. With Hector and Nolle's past and they insecurities they face made them feel more real and the tone more serious. The antics that Nole played on Hector to teach him a lesson and test his resolve lightened the mood. Not to mention that Gena's writing would have you laughing out loud just from descriptions alone. By far my favorite scene in the book is when Nolle distracts Hector during training, after he has finished showing off and trying to prove that she doesn't belong on the unit, by lifting up her shirt and exposing her bare breast to him. Catching him off guard with her actions he was stunned and aroused thus letting himself drop his guard long enough for Nolle to knock him out (though he did actually hit his head on a rock) and then to put the icing on the cake she and her best friend Ava snap a picture and put it on the internet. That scene had me laughing out loud as did many other scenes in the book. Also the relationship between Ava and Nolle, their friendship is amazing. Another funny scene was when the two of them kissed at Ava's wedding as a "gift" to McKell, nothing that this was how (in the previous book) Ava first met McKell.

Another character that I love is Dallas, he's be interesting to me since he was first introduced. His is a haunted character and his best friend is the vampire king Devyn (who also adds a comedic element to the story). Dallas can see scenes of the future through they a 99% accurate they can be altered though at a great price to Dallas. In this one he has a vision of Hector and Nolle and it is yet to be reveled if he has suffered or is fine. I look forward to his book (which I think is next judging by the way Gena left the ending of Hector and Nolle's book).

With all that being said there were just a few things that I had a issue with in the book. For one we never find out if Hector is part human or alien. I would have loved to find out and I assume that Gena will address that eventually about how his arms became to be the way they were. That was the only issue that I had as I have said before there was nothing bad to say about this book. The plot was constantly moving forward and the characters constantly growing at a pace that was believable. And the fact that the series is getting deeper and the books larger and more complicated shows that not only are the books evolving and becoming more interesting but so is Gena's writing. She is an amazing author. One that I hope to met one day soon and I am anxious to read the latest installment of the Lords of the Underworld: The Darkest Surrender....

With that being said I do not want to give away any more of the book so I will end on this note....

Would I recommend this to a friend? Hell yes (the entire series)

Rating: 4.5/5

Until Next Time...SMUCHEZ

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