Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hey everyone whats going on? Theres been some ups and downs for me but I'm not complaining that's life you know. But anyway let me fill you in on the writing. First off I of course have to start off with Eternal Light which is officially done and so is my query letters to agents now all I have to do is write the synopsis,, which probably should have been done by now but I did not realize how difficult it is to sum up a 400pg book in four pages or one page. It's very tiring an makes me want to pull my hair out. But that's whats going on with Eternal Light. As for book two Eternal Earth, well I just have complete writers block on that. I have no idea where Adien's story is going to go or what should happen next. Maybe that's because I haven't been reading as much as I should have or whatever but Adien is not speaking to me right now so I just have to wait for him to speak, but I have to say the Ividian (I did not spell his name right lol) is starting to talk to me and I have a scene starting to form for his book, which is the fifth book in the series (I know I'm always jumping around but hey it is what it is). But that's pretty much it for the Hound series.

So on to the next series, The Faye's, and yes I have a tittle for that untitled preview that I gave you a while ago, it called Dark Knight: Ancient Bloodlines...sounds like a video game or something right, I love that tittle though. But I'm on chapter 8 of this and I really like it, its taking turns and the plot is becoming more and more complicated then I originally thought, granted writing it is a slow process, but hey so long as I'm writing. And yes the idea for the Faye's came from me watching True Blood (don't judge me lol). But like I said this story is coming along well and after I finish writing this update I'm going back to working on it.

But besides my writing, I just finished reading Gena Showalter's Ecstasy in Darkness, and all I have to say is that she gets better and better with each new book. I loved the characters and well just about everything about the book. Now I'm excited for the next book in the series and the nest book in her series The Lords of The Underworld....she's and excellent writer. Theres alot of books in my book shelf that I need to read...I have alot of catching up to do...I think I'm going to start with Larissa Ione I really like her. Oh and I also read G. A. Akin's The Last Dragon Standing which was another great book that had me laughing and even crying at one scene. and I definitely cant wait for the next book which I think is titled How to Drive a Dragon Crazy....just writing about it have me getting excited lol...I swear I love books and I mean all books, Literature...just awesome.  The Pic above is of my book you can see there is alot of books in there...I'm running out of space already...

But let me get back to my writing so UNTIL NEXT TIME Smuchez

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