Monday, September 27, 2010

UPDATE: Eternal Light, Eternal Earth, and New Stories

Hey followers whats going on? Hope everything is good with you all, my life has been hectic over the last few months or waever so i haven't had the time to update. But I figured since I'm in the computer lab not doing anything at school that I should update (eww someone just passed gas...i think it was the old man a few seats away from me) but anyway moving on i think its time that I update you with whats been going on with your favorite stories and some new ones.

Well first things first Eternal Light is still where it was last time I updated you the editing process. I cant lie, I've really been slacking on that lately. I mean I could have been had that book done and shopping around for agents but I've been lazy and tired. I feel like I've let down my characters but I plan to be finishing it soon, my not gonna say a time frame because I might not stick to it, just be on the look out for the update that says the editing is done. As for Eternal Earth, Adien and Harmony, they were also put on the back burner. I'm having a hard time thinking of scenes for their book, I know where I want it to go and I know how it is going to end...well for the bad guys anyway not to sure about Adien and Harmony, I think that might be my problem that I don't know where or how the book is going to go exactly. But I guess that can be considered the joy in writing, is to let the writing take you where it wants you to go. But Adien has gone quite in his story so I guess I'm going to have to wake his damn ass up.

Then there was this untitled short story I was working on about a woman who cant break her promises and the man/male who comes in a turns her world upside down...well that is on hold as well. Not because the characters aren't speaking to me but I had writers block on their story so I put it aside for a while. Yeah, yeah I know.

But on a more positive note, after watching True Blood (I love Eric and Alcide...soo sexy gives me goosebumps) and hearing about Sookie being a Faye, I decided to write my own story about Faye's, now this book s a collection of short stories called novellas (being that they aren't short enough to be called short stories or long enough be call novels), each short story is related to the story before it and makes up the entire Faye world. Each warrior and princess gets their own story that is set to be around 100 to 150 pgs long and there are around 10 stories so the book or manuscript by the time I'm done should be 1000pgs, this is a project that is going to take me some times to finish being that its so long. But I have all the stories outline and the main characters set (but you know how it goes new characters pop up and maybe a new story) but this series has me excited and I look forward to writing it. I guess what I gotta do is schedule which books I write and how much I write but I get so tired these days and the feeling to write is there but I lack the effort (horrible writer) sometimes but I'm determined to reach my goals and my dreams because I cannot live the "normal" life all my family lives and do the same thing over and over or go to a job I hate everyday and do the same thing day after day so I have to make it....

But until next time SMUCHEZ...

(PS stand by for a preview from the first story in the Faye world of Warrior and Army Leader Alexious and The Second Born Faye Princess should be highly entertaining)

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