Thursday, August 5, 2010

Update: Book Reviews and Writings

Hello everyone how are you guys today? I'm doing good, much better than yesterday. It was just one of those days. But anyway I'm back to my old self and I have some updates for you guys and some really great book reviews. So we will start with the book reviews because I'm so excited to give my input about these books...Ok so the first two are actually by the same author, Ted Dekker. The first book is called ADAM..
This books is about a elusive serial killer that had been named EVE by the FBI because he is brutally killing woman. Now I'm not going to go into he extremely detail information about the book.Mainly because I would end up telling the whole book. But what I am going to do is give my opinion on the book. Though I don't often read thrillers or mysteries Ted Dekker pulled me in along time ago with his book Sinner (i didn't even mind that is was a somewhat religious fiction writing). Though I wouldn't give Adam five stars. I will give it three and a half because it did keep me interested and the ending was a twist that I liked however it wasn't a book that I couldn't walk away from, actually I put it down several times before I actually finished it. The main detective is obsessed with the killer and looses his whole family because of it, though i know this book was about the relationship between the killer and the detective I feel as if the characters could have been alot mroe developed for the book. For instance we know the dective is divorced from his wife because of his obession witth the killer. And Dekker says that she truly loves him still and that they still love each other however you dont get that feeling as your read the book. I feel that she was actually just insterted into the story to provide for a way for the killer to get to the dectetive (and the fact that I cant remember the mans name says enough about the book for me). Thats just one problem had, the typos and grammitical errors didn't really phase me to much because I knew what he was saying and what was supposed to go where. To be honest the most interresting part in the book was the ending when finally got the interaction between the killer and the decetive and it turns out that the man is actually possessed and the dective become possessed, from there it is a wild ride and the most entertaining part in the book. Would I read this book again...probally not...Would I recomend it to a friend? maybe...I'm not to sure. Overall Adam gets a 3.5/5 from me.

However though Adam wasn't as good as I though it was going to be the Bride Collector also by Dekker was exactly what I expected it to be. It seemed as if he put more time and effort into the story and the characters. The story is a cat and mouse game with Dective Brad Reins (who the killer calls the Rain Man), the killer named Quintion, and woman named Paradise, and others who become important to the story line. Just like with Adam I'm not going into detail about the stroyline, mainly because the book is to big and the storyline is actually pretty complex. This book though takes you into the world of what normal people consider "mentally ill" and ask the question about what is "normal" or are we all suffering from some type of mental illness. In true Dekker fashion the dectivie (Brad) is obessed with the Kill (Quintion) who believes he is the messenger of God and that he kills this woman in order to present them a brides to God. That is until Brad is caught and convinces Quitnion that he is actually working for the devil. Which only causes Quintion to go on a more brutal killing spree. This book took me about a week to finish, not because it was bad but because there was so much complexity and deatils within the relationships going on that I didn't want to rush through it. Not only do you see that Brad is tourmented by the killer who makes things extremley personal once Brad interffers, but you see Brad struggles with his own vanity and problems as he asks himself what is real becauty. Then there is Paradise and the other Patients in the CWI who add a even more perplexed but also a comice relief to an other wise dark story. And you see that in their world it is those who consider themselves "normal" that are actually the outsiders. Each character espically Paradise, who becomes the last target for Quintion becuase of her inner beauty and purity, has their own stroy that actually ties in to Qunitnion. From the moment Brad enters the Center it is a tail spin from his every day controled and organized life. It was highly intertaining to watch his growth as a man and as a human being. Would I recommend this book to a firend? Yes I would (i have already), Would I read it again? I'm planning on it. Overall the Bride Collector gets 4.5/stars from me (not 5 because the ending made me a little dissapointed but I'm not going to ruin it for everybody else).

Next, these books comes from my favorite author Sherrilyn Kenyon. The first one is tittled In Other Worlds.
This is an anthology, and I brought this book for one story (because I've already read the other one) which is Adorn's story (I love that name).But anyway the story is a short story so it only centers around him and Livia, though the story happens fast it is still worth the read. The problem that I have with Kenyon's short stories is that they are rushed because they have to be short so the story lines aren't as good as they would be with her full length novels (no including Bad Moon Rising, which was a huge dissapointment, I hope No Mercy will be much better). But I love her as an author and would probally enjoy anything she writes, whichs brings me to the next book....
Knight of Darkness, I have to admit didn't draw me like Sword of Darkness at first...needless to say by the second chapter I couldn't put the book down. Definitely a must read, though I want to give a long explination of the book and what i think (which you already know) I'm not going to because I'll just be repeating myself. Anyone who knows how I feel about Kneyon knows what I will say about her books. So I'm going to move on to my own writings...

Ok so i'm still editing Eternal Light and writing Eternal Earth, but Jade has spoken to me and I have a scene for his book other than the opening scene and I have the basic storyline outlined so I am making progress, though it is slow it is still progress.  As for Eternal Dreams and Eternal Power I am making progress on those as well (well some what). They are still in the process of being written. It a slow process espcially when I'm writing Sylin and Seline's short story (which I am liking by the way).

As far as the Griffons and the Elemental Kings I have a feeling that I will be working on those at the same time which will be after the get the hounds out the way or at least get some of these stories out of my head so I have space for some more....

But other than that, thats about it. School is right around the corner and I don't know how this is going to play out with all my writings but we will see.

Well until next time...SMUCHEZ

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