Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Update: Negativity, Books, Eternal Light, and Untitled Short Story

Hey everyone what's going on? Ok so there are some things on my mind that I feel the need to get off my chest...One I know (as of right now) I have no followers (well one), even before then when I had no followers I still would say "hey followers" or "everyone". I do this because I know one day (soon) i am going to have followers so I want them to feel as if i was talking to them or waiting for them to find me. And besides I live by the code if you think it, you can see it, you can dream it, that it will happen. So therefore I know I will have followers very soon....(even though I know that whole explanation sounded horrible. It came out much better in my head.) But moving on..

OK so I read my friends blog and he's describing the world of publishing and the difference between literary fiction and genre fiction and like most things in the world it is filled with a lot of negativity and bias opinions (which is the problem in the world today). Take the Twilight Saga for instance. Yes granted every time I see a twilight poster, commercial, or anything that has to do with twilight i want to kill myself but that is mainly because the movies sucked and destroyed the books for me. But as far as the books go in my opinion I believe they were pretty good for a woman who hasn't wrote anything before twilight. People give Meyer a lot of flack about her series and many say that its a shame or some horrible act of God that people are going so crazy over her books. Yes granted it annoys me but I understand why many people, teens especially are drawn to the movies. Lets forget about the vampires and werewolves for a second (TEAM JACOB lol). so when you take out those elements you get the story about a teenage girl in high school in a new town, she is awkward and alone and has no friends, and then there is Edward who is this idealized high school it man that all the girls want because he is mysterious and handsome, but deep down he is troubled and alone and doesn't want to hurt those around him. Twilight is about the struggles of these two totally opposite people coming together and finding love in a world that doesn't want them together. The book also emphasizes control and restraint when it comes to sexual relationships and that if he truly loves you he would wait. It is in a way teach children or teens whatever you want to call that though there may be this sexual attraction that he wont rush or push you into something that you aren't ready for. Then it has the life of a high school teen (once again minus the vampires and werewolves, the competition, the friends, and the friend that love you more than a friend but you don't love him like that. That is one of the reasons as to why twilight is such a big thing. As for the whole in love with Robert Patterson...hummm yeah that is something I don't understand lol cause he is not what I pictured Edward as lol. Though Twilight doesn't appeal to me personally, for my little cousins and teens it does.

I don't know why people tend to focus on the negative aspects of life. Life is hard enough without adding extra hostility on to it. Yes of course there a thousands of authors who are great writers but aren't published. And I'm not going to say that I could be one of them because I am not. See the thing about it is that I may not get published through an agent and all that good stuff, all that means is that I have to do it on my own. Simple as that. People have to realize that it wont just happen over night. it might take years for some one to come along and take a shot on you. Like with my favorite author Sherilyn Kenyon, it took her eight years before she got signed and a publishing company took a chance on her, and now she is one of the biggest names in her genre. Know why because she didn't give up, even when she wanted to she kept pushing. She never gave up her dream of being a writer. And my thing is if your a writer you love to write plain and simple. If you are writing to make millions of dollars then you are in the wrong profession. And it pisses me off when critics and my grandmother say that certain books are junk or trash or garbage because they aren't the types of books that they like to read. It no only limits the persons minds as to what they can imagine but also the writers chance of achieving their goals. Now it is a different story if you base your critique of a book or novel on the spelling, grammar and sentence structure, or character development or something of that nature then that is understandable but to simple call anything junk because it simply doesn't fit your taste is ignorance and a perfect example of why the world is the way it is today.

For instance I love books from many types of genre fiction and literary fiction, but there are certain genre's that bore me such as terrorism and military and history (certain historical text that is)and non-fiction (unless presented in a not non-fiction kind of way, though i think if Reggie Bush published a book about his life with pictures in it I would buy it) but that is just me. I do not call books in those genre trash or garbage or wish something bad on the author, I simply don't buy those types of books when i walk into the book store. Its as simple as that. If i wanted to read about terrorism and military operations I would read the news paper (which I do by the way), when i read my books I want to be taken away from the issues of the world today and transported to a world somewhere where the unthinkable can happen, like vampires or werewolves, or dragons, or I want to journey back into the past, and ages long long ago to learn about the different cultures of the world and take me on an adventure to the past. I don't even read "hood" or "African American" fiction because I live that life being that I am an African American woman (not including all the drug dealing and stuff like that) but I live in a neighbor hood where I see that every day, and I know people around me that live that therefore those books to me are boring but do not get me wrong they are not trash (well the ones I have read anyway), some may have not been up to my standards our couldn't catch my attention but none were trash. Those types of books are books that I know whose the killer or what ever even before the first chapter is over. I know who is going to die and all of that. In knowing that the books hold no interest for me. Yes granted in most of the books that I read you know the hero and the heroine end up together some kind of way but its the trip that they take to get there that makes the book for me. But like I said do not get it twisted reading authors like Zane and Terri Woods and Omar Tyree inspired me to writer and that was at the age of 10 or 11. and at 12 I wrote what I considered my first novel. Now that was trash when I read it now. not because of the story line (which was bad) but because of the character developments and grammar, that is what made it trash or junk even. but I didn't throw it out. in fact it is on my to do list when I get a chance.

OK see I can go on forever about my vies and opinions but let me sum this up. If you don't like it don't read it, simple as that but do not disrespect the author or artist because most put their hearts and souls into what they present and all those who are serious should be taken seriously. Because fact of the matter is that you wouldn't want someone doing that to your work. I know I don't (even though I am sure many many people will). Treat others with the respect that you would want. If they ask you for your honest opinion and its bad just deliver it in the neatest way possible.

Now that my rant is over let me update you on Eternal Light...yay (claps), I'm half way through the editing process and I have realized that through this whole process I have already edited my book about seven or eight times if not more just from having to reread everything over and over before I actually put it into the story, and now I'm going through it as a whole (again) so its taking a while but I am making progress. I'm so proud of myself and the hard work I put into this baby. It's my baby and the series is my heart and soul and I can't wait to share it with you. And you will see that there were whole scenes that got cut out some were placed somewhere else some scenes were added but I hope you enjoy it when it is done. I plan on going to staples and letting them bind it for me, not to go to agents or anything but for me personally to have a hard cover copy in my hands and of course I gotta get a copy for the friends (though they gonna have one copy cause staples is expensive lol)

Eternal Earth is back to moving at its usual slow speed. But its OK once again I am taking a break from that and have a new short story I am working on. It's untitled right now and I have about five hand written pages so far. I don't know where it is gonna go a whole as of yet but I think it might be a series but a short story series with the characters. So for the first one the basic idea is that there is this woman and she had to keep every promise she ever makes and if she doesn't...well I don't know exactly what happens but its something bad. But she meets this man who she made a promise to a year ago that when he won and award or something she would go on a date with him. Which he does in a year and he finds her again and she is obligated to go out with him. But the guy is not what he seems (and me being me) he is not human and the situation she is in is not normal (like always). so that's the basic bone work of the story but its coming to me as I write it so I will definitely have a preview of that for you by the end of the week..promise (lol)

But that is all for now, I have to get back to work. (i think this is the longest blog I have actually written without putting a preview). So until next time SMUCHEZ

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