Thursday, June 24, 2010

Updates: Eternal Earth and Eternal Dreams

Hey everyone hows it going? Good I hope. Well I haven't gotten a chance to work on all of my series like I originally wanted to mainly because not only am I fighting writers block but I also started a new job for the summer so that takes up most of my day even though I don't really work long hours. Also I have put the editing for Eternal Light on hold as well while I turn my room into a mini office type thing. I want to work on the books in a more comfortable and professional setting and i think working at a desk rather then on my bed with my lap top will help me out a great deal. Because the screen on the desk top will not only be bigger but also brighter than the screen on my laptop it will allow me to work faster on all of the series. So until I have my office up the final copy of Eternal Earth is on hold. I hope to be starting it again withing a few months before summer is over and school starts.

But don't be sad I have good news as well. Eternal Earth is moving along well. I don't know if I told you but I have written the ending for the book and now I have scenes that I think are going to be the middle of the book coming along. I had wanted to give you guys previews but I decided to wait until I know exactly what direction the book in a whole is going in but I will say that Adien is most definitely a ladies man and he has his hands full right about now. So that is what is going on with Eternal Earth. As for Eternal Fire, Jaden is hiding from me right now. He's not speaking to me and it may be because I am working on his brother right now but I have concepts and ideas for what is going to happen but nothing is concrete expect for the fact that Aaron and Jaden already knew each other before all the bad things started happening.

On a side note me being me. I skipped writing Eternal Fire to write scenes for Eternal Dreams and I'm excited about Rasi's story I cant wait for you guys to read the preview I have for that but first I have to give you the previews for Eternal Fire (yeah yeah I know you don't like waiting but I promise it will be worth the wait.)

But let me go for now I will update some more once I get home because I am at work right now Until Next Time Smuchez

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