Thursday, May 27, 2010

Update: Eternal Earth and a New Series

Hey everyone whats going on? I hope everyone is enjoying the somewhat nice weather lol. And congrats to all the Graduates of 2010.I know I've been missing and lacking on my post but school is out now and hopefully I will be able to make more post and work on my books and stories.

And with that let me fill you in on what's going on with the current Trinity book...Well I have the ending written for Adien's book well the last page of it anyway and I must say it is going to be a good one...well in my opinion anyway. (side note I haven't finished rewriting and doing the edits for Eternal Light. lol yeah I know) But so far Adien and Harmony have an interesting journey ahead of them. The chemistry and interaction between them is hilarious and oh so yummy lol. Adien is by far the sexiest brother (though Radien and Jaden aren't to be counted out either they are just as yummy). Anyway I have the story and most of the important events in the book planned out. There's some kidnapping, killings, and unexpected surprises. Also there is a new devil introduced, and new characters (and new types of mythical creatures) and a lot of brand new rivalries. When the second beast is released Adien is going to have his hands full with the women in his life.

Second thanks to my one of my favorite authors another new series or short stories about the Four Horsemen. I think that would be so cool to write. To give War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death (I think Death and War would be the baddest ones) their own personalities and bring them to life outside of religion would e interesting. i will let you know how that is working out for me.

Lastly I am proud to announce that I have come to the conclusion that the Trinity series will be more than three books because I realized that three books weren't going to be enough to do the characters justice, so after Jaden's story which is called Eternal Fire is Rasi's story which is entitled Eternal Dreams and his story is going to be a story twister. And with school being out I hope to seriously start the first book of the Griffin series and the first book for the Elemental Kings series and hopefully I can have at least a five page preview for each book done within the next month or so. I just crazy that the more books I read from my favorite authors the more series that pop into my head and the more book come to me. though most will probably short stories and not full length novels. There's just so many stories that need to be told that I don't know which ones to do first. And what happens is that my head fills up and the stories that I am already working on cant come to me so I get writers block. But I'm going to write as much as I can over the summer and hopefully I'll have Adien's book done and working on Jaden's and the griffins and the kings. Until then...smuchez...

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