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Update: Eternal Earth book 2 in the hound series

Hey everyone how is your spring break. Hope it is going good. School for me is doing ok. One of my professor gets on my last nerve but hey i gotta do what i gotta do. But the family is good we were dealing with some drama but its died down now...But on to the updates...

First is Eternal Light which I am still editing (i am almost done with the first editing process). As I'm reading it i realize that what I meant to say is not actually what I had said. Oh the joys of being a writer. As I am reading Radien and Melody's story I have to laugh at myself because some sceens are hilarious. At the same time I am still amazed at my self that I crated these characters and this world that is uniqulely my own. Even though the fundamental principles a the same as any world or life but the evens and the situations that the characters have to go through to get to their ultimate goal. sometimes I am surpised at myself and my writing (though sometimes I feel it can be better...once again the pains of being a writer, you are never happy with your work and always feel like it can be better.) Like I was saying Melody and Radien are almost done with their editing process.

Second is on to Eternal Earth (yes I know finally I am moving on lol) but I am writing chapter 3 right now and I have to say I am loving the way Adien's story is going so far. I sitting her debating if I should give you some character info on Adien, even though you meet him in Radien's book but as always when a character gets their own story you see all their sides. And from chapter one you see Adien as the emotional confused wreck he is. He is constantly battling himself and his emotions even when he knows he is not going to win. So far in the first 3 chapters you are seeing Adien, but his heroin Harmony is not to be counted out either because for a man like Adien it takes a confident and persistant woman to tame him. I have to admit it is pretty funny to create and bring life to the game that they are about to play. Oh an of course you cant forget about Radien, Melody and everyone else. They of course are there throughout the course of the book. and they are all watching on entertained by Adien and Harmony. Then of course you have those on the darkside and all I have to say is the Iraon is about to be a busy beast. He is going to have his hands full with Aprophsis and all the females around him =). And I am debating if one of the griffins are going to make a quick apperance in Adiens story im not really to sure yet. But of course Jaden makes an apperance you see more of him towards the middle or end of Adien's story.

As far as Jaden goes (I don't want ruin anything) all i am going to say is that he is a character all to himself and him and Aaron have a passion that enflame's the soul.

As far as the griffin series I haven't started those yet but I am still working on it when the story hits me i will be writing it. Same goes for the elemental kings series. And for them I am debating how the series will go...

But i wanna leave you with a preview of the first chapter of Eternal Earth..hope you like it:

Eternal Earth Preview Chpt 1:

A year had passed since he had last seen her, a whole year of beautiful golden eyes haunting him in his dreams, making him wake up in a cold sweat and his body rock hard. A year since he was able to inhale her earthly scent. As their gazes locked Adien knew that even after a brief meeting with her she was embedded into his senses. He watched her as she watched him. He body tense with her back straight she continued to walk around the eloquently decorated room greeting her wealth guest. All the while watching him out the corner of her eye.

Standing by the bar his eyes followed her movement. she looked stunning in her floor length designer gown. The emerald green dress hugged her toned body. The V cut neckline showing just enough of her pushed up cleavage to make his mouth water. Her once short hair was cut into a short bob where the hair in the front was longer than the back. The style left he delectable neck exposed, he imagined his tongue running along the length of her neck...down her collar bone...lower into the swells of her breast.

Just imagining her in his arms again this time conscious made him groan as he downed another shot, trying to calm the desire that was working its way through his body.

"There you are."

Looking out the corner of his eye he watched Melody, the Trinitymate of Light, his brother's woman walk over to him with a smile across her face. She was gorgeous in her midnight gown with her white hair pulled into a tight bun that showed off the glow of her skin. The fact that her belly was large and round didn't seem to faze most of the men in the room. They still looked at her with a desire that made Adien want to bash them over the head for looking at her too long.

I never ceased to amaze him how close they had become in the last year. She became the sister that he wished he had instead of his brothers. She turned out to be the only one who truly understood his pain and all that he went through. On more than one occasion he found himself confiding secrets in her about himself that he wouldn't dare tell anyone else. He loved the Trinitymate and would kill anyone who thought to hurt her. Not that he would get a chance once his brother got finished with them...speaking of his brother where was the over sized asshole. No doubt he was close enough to watch his woman but Adien was surprised he wasn't behind her hovering over her like an over protective parent. But then again he was sure that his brother's glowing eyes and massive size would cause all celebration to cease.

"Adien." She sighed shaking her head. Disappointment clearly showing across her face as she looked at the empty shot glasses next to him. "You promised."

"I know." He felt like a child being scolded. but he had promised her once she had told him that she was pregnant that he would stop drinking if she allowed him to be the guardian of her twins. At first she looked shocked by his request but then a big smile spread across her face while her eyes glowed with excitement. She hugged him tight, her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. Too bad his brother didn't seem quite as happy. In fact he looked as if he would kill Adien in his sleep later that night.

"Damn Adien, really 8 shots what are you trying to do kill yourself?" She continued to scold him as she came to stand beside him.

He wished it was that easy to ill him self. If that was the case he would have died hundreds of years ago. But he had kept his word, he hadn't touched a drink in almost six months, which was a first for him. At seeing his obsession again and the desire that quaked through his body he needed a drink, if not the whole bottle to keep himself from taking her. As it was now the drink didnt affect him half as much as it would appear. He wasn't drunk, far from it actually. He was focused on her as she chatted with a few men. Which made Adien more jealous then he cared to admit, it was clear that every man in the room wanted her. He could see it in the way they looked at her, their desire shinning bright in their eyes with little touches to her bare shoulder or elbow when they wanted to make a point.

Growling low in his throat Adien turned away, barking at the bartender to get him another drink....

Harmony could feel the heat of his gaze on the side of her face traveling down her body. As she chatted with the head advertiser of the company she watched him out the corner of her eye. She couldn't shake the odd feeling that she had seen him somewhere before. But she couldn't for the life of her recall where, she was sure she would remember a face as handsome as his...and those eyes so intensely focused on her made her weak in the knees.

"Ms. Sonders?"

"I'm sorry Jack. What were you saying?' She asked turning her attention back to the good looking gentleman in front of her. Jack Whitfield her oldest and most trusted adviser smiled at her continuing his speech.

"The new line seems too have made a good impression overseas." He touched her elbow. She would have sworn she heard a growl or something come from behind her or maybe it was her mind playing tricks on her. As it was her side was throbbing and it was becoming harder to ignore the pain. Odd through. Almost a year had past and her birthmark hadn't bothered her but tonight something was different. She just couldn't pin point it.

"That bit of information just made my day." She smiled at him. Over his shoulder she saw a face that she hadn't seen in months. Her heart raced as joy filled her. Excusing herself from Jacks presence, walking through the crowd her eyes stayed focused on her target even as she continued to greet her guest.

"Melody." She almost screamed as she reached her big bellied sister and hugged her as tight as she could without putting too much pressure on her stomach. "Where have you been?" She asked once she let go of her embrace.

"I've been a little busy." Melody gave a devilish grin. Shaking her head at her baby sister it still amazed her how close they had become over the last year or so. Before they could barely stay in the same room without wanting to strangle each other but then she had a dream that she had come close to losing her. That dream had left her paralyzed in fear. She awoke in a cold sweat and immediately dialed her sisters cell. When she heard her voice the greatest relief she had ever felt rolled over her. Right then and there she had poured her heart out to her little sister. The two had cried on the phone for what felt like hours, by the time Harmony hung up the phone she vowed to never push her sister away again. Though she doesn't see her as much as she would like they talk everyday.

"I see Radien has been keeping you entertained." With that she gave a pointed stare to her sister's out stretched belly, which Melody rubbed a manicured hand over as her face flushed.

"Something like that."

"So where is mister mom." Harmony couldn't suppress the laugh that vibrated through her at her sister's frown. She couldn't help it, she had only met him a hand full of times but each time she saw him he was hovering over her sister like an emotional madman.

"I resent that comment." His thunderous voice boomed from behind Harmony. She turned to face him but he had already made his way to her sister. She frowned. How did he move that fast? Shrugging her shoulders she let it go.

With her drink in her hand she watched them glide effortlessly across the dance floor. Their movements harmonized, not even her sister's big belly seemed to slow their movements. Harmony watched with an ache in her heart as the pair. It was clear that they were in love, the glow in her sister's face when ever he came around showed as much. The was she leaned into as they moved touched Harmony the same way that the possessive hand Radien placed on the small of Melody's back. The intensity that he stared at her showed a possession that claimed her as his and no one would come between them.

She was glad her sister had found love. She remembered the first time she had met Radien. He had made the hairs on her arms stand and gave of this dark aura that made her want to run and hide. She had wondered if her sister had made the right choice but when she had watched them together, the way he softened to Melody's touch made her realize that he would never do anything to hurt her and that made him o in Harmony's book. Even though she found it strange that he always wore a pair of dark glasses. She has never seen his eyes.

It actually amused her how protective Radien was over her sister. Every time she saw Melody, Radien wasn't too far behind. The bigger her sister's belly became the more protective he became, though she didn't think that was possible.

"Sickening isn't it?" She hadn't hear him approach her, hadn't even turned her head to look at him but she instantly knew who he was. well she had an idea of who it was.

"Most days." She responded as she tried to ignore the sudden increase of vibrations that her mark was suddenly giving off. She sipped her drink as she felt his intense stare on her, making her shift her weight.

He made her nervous and she didn't even know him. Nervous. a word she never associated with herself. She didn't nervous or lose her nerve, that wasn't in her. She was always confident in herself but under the heavy gaze of this strange man her heart rate quickened, her breathing became rapid and her palms began to sweat.

All this and she hadn't even turned to face him.

She heard him give a light chuckle, her heart skipped a beat. The soft sound was intoxicating, sending shivers down her spine. She wondered what his laugh would sound like. Smooth like the sound of his voice or deep and resonating from his chest.

"Love...isn't it great." His sarcastic tone made her smile. Finally she turned to look at him. When she did his emerald green eyes held her captive. Their intensity made them shine with bits of golden specks.

"Adien." He extended his hand. Bringing her hand to his lips he kissed her knuckles. She hadn't noticed that she had given him her hand nor did she realize she was holding her breath until she released it.

"Harmony." She said breathlessly as she continued to study his face. Youthful and masculine with a straight nose, square jaw, high cheek bones. She wanted to trace the curve of his top lip with her tongue. He would make the sexiest cover model jealous.

"A pleasure." He smiled slowly releasing her hand. She could still feel the power of his touch. His smile was dazzling, showing off a set of pearl white teeth that dentist only hoped to create. "I take it you are the host of this amazing party." He continued, waving the bartender down.

"That I am." She returned the smile. When she did she saw his eyes focus on her lips. He licked his lips and a rush of heat went through her body. She found herself picturing those lips on her body. Her breathing caught as she imagined how his lips would feel against her body...over her stomach. around her side tracing the outline of her birthmark.

"Sir?" The voice of the bartender brought her back to reality.

"Gin and tonic." Adien answered without taking his gaze away from her.

The bartender nodded then turned his attention to her. "Ms. Sonders anything for you." He asked with a raised brow.

"Another martini." She ordered her drink and returned back to watching her sister on the dance floor. She had to distract herself from both the man standing next to her along with the vibration of her mark.

Adien followed her gaze back to his brother and his mate. The couple was currently swaying back and forth to the soft music that played, staring into each others eyes like they were the only two in the made Adien sick.

He turned his attention back to the woman at his side. he couldn't keep his eyes off her. Every time he looked at her the memory of her in his arms with nothing but a towel covering her went through his mind. Remembering the feel of her in his arms, the way the water had flowed down her body made him rock hard. When he had noticed the change in her breathing a few minutes ago along with the smile she had given him made him want to take her into his arms and ravage her on the bar.

Such a pervert Adien. He scolded himself but he couldn't stop his thoughts. He needed to focus, now more so than ever. since Iraon was freed there had been a shift in power. It had taken the blood of Melody to free Iraon so it only made since that all the other sisters blood was needed to open the other two cages to free the other two beast. In the last year Iraon had been busy trying to find the locations of the other beast, with the help of that treacherous bitch Thana, Adien was sure it was only a matter of time before the beast found what he was looking for.

Which led him to the reason he was here tonight, if Iraon needed Harmony's blood he would have to go through Adien. And he was dying to get his hands on the beast. Especially after what he did to his new sister and the danger his God children were in.

He was here as protection. he couldn't forget that. All of them were here as protection. Well everyone except Melody, with her carrying the babies all her power was going to protect the twins leaving none to defend herself with, which of course is why Radien was constantly hovering over her no matter where they were. Not only were the sisters targets but so were the unborn babies.

Dragging his gaze away from his obsession he scanned the room again. Nothing seemed out of place, nothing felt out of place. But then again appearances could be deceiving. He had learned that lesson a long time ago. He recorded every face in the room to his memory, none drew his attention. Except for one woman who kept staring at him from across the room. She looked familiar but he couldn't place her. He frowned at her and she ducked. He shrugged off her weird behavior, writing it off as one on a long list of woman he had been with. He glanced over to a table by the front entrance where his father sat with his new mother in law. They were wrapped in each other but Adien knew better than anyone that both were more aware of the people in the room than both him and Radien put together.

Confident that the place was secure he turned his attention back to the woman at his side...well she had been at his side. She was gone now. Puzzled Adien scanned the crowed. He found her on the dance floor in the arms of another man, smiling as she was twirled to the music.

Adien felt jealously course through his body and he was moving toward her before he knew it. Pushing past the people in his way, ignoring the pleased smile of his sister and the scowl on his brother's face.

Adien calm down before you scare half these people to death. His father's voice echoed in his head. He would have ignored him if he hadn't locked gazes with her and saw a flash of heat in her golden gaze. Taking two deep breaths he approached her, as she danced her gaze never wavered from his. He saw that the closer he got the more rapid her breathing became.

"Can I cut in?" Adien managed to keep the growl from his voice...barely.

"Wait your turn." The man responded then turned his back to Adien.

"Wrong answer." His anger getting the better of him Adien gripped the man by his shoulder smiling as the little man winched in pain. Turning the man around Adien stared down at him. "I wasn't really asking." This time Adien did growl as he pushed the man aside and wrapped his arm around his obsession's waist possessively pulling her to him. "May I have this dance." He looked down at her as he swayed them to the music.

"It seems you already have." she said softly as she looked into his eyes.

"Yes I have." He smiled as he spun her and brought her back to him. He admired her fluid movements. He could see why she was named Harmony, her movements harmonized with his. He found himself lost in her gaze as they moved together. Unaware that every eye in the room was on them he twirled her,
spun her, and dipped her. She fit so perfectly to his body that he refused to let her go,

She was tall but she loved when a man was able to make her feel small compared to him. Which is exactly the way Adien made her feel as they danced. He wasn't nearly as bulky or muscled as her sister's husband but he wasn't no small man either. She could tell that he had more than enough strength and power in his strong hold than most men had in their entire bodies. He was an elogant dancer, she couldn't stop herself from following his lead, even as his touch on her bare back made her heart skip a beat and her body hummm with desire. As they moved she couldn't tare her gaze away from his. Once again he was looking at her with an intensity that made her want to melt into him

Inhaling deeply his scent wrapped around her senses. He smelled like the earth. Like the wild and beautiful tress of the exotic forest. Wild, powerful, and all male, she couldn't stop herself from inhaling more of him.

He dipped her again. When he did a lock of hair feel in front of his face. She couldn't help but raise her hand to push the lock back behind his ear. It was then she noticed he had the softest hair she had ever felt, layered it feel just above his neckline. His face and eyes distracted her so much that she didn't care if he had hair or not. But now that she had touched it she took the time to look at it. At first glance it appeared dark brown but looking closer she could see that his hair consisted of different shades of reddish and golden brown. The colors were absolutely beautiful.

"Harmony, such a beautiful name for a beautiful woman." He whispered into her ear as he pressed her closer into his body.

The sound of her name on his lips make her heart skip another beat. Why was he affecting her like this/

"Adien's not too bad either." She smiled at him. She was caught off guard by his next move.

Adien couldn't stop himself nor did he want to. She was a tempting vixen and he was the tempted fox. He had to have a taste of her. His will was already breaking as her body moved against his while they danced but the sound of his name coming out of her mouth made him picture her screaming it as he drove himself inside her. Then when she smiled at him, her supple lips parting for a breath taking smile the need to claim her lips had become more than he could bare. He captured her lips with his.

At first her shock to his kiss left her momentarily stunned but that evaporated with a sigh as she began to move her mouth against his. Instantly his body hardened even more, making it painful for him to stay in his clothing.

He should not be doing this in public...shit he shouldn't be doing this period,he saw what happened to his brother once he got a taste of his woman. Radien had become dependent on his woman. It's not like Adien didn't want his brother happy but as for himself he had no need to be chained to a female right now whether or not she was his destined mate. But as he mouth moved against his in a decadent rhythm he lost all coherent thought and growled into her mouth....

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