Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Update: Eternal Light and Eternal Earth..

Hello followers, how is everyone doing good i hope. Better than me I feel horrible. Hope everyone enjoyed the hoildays that passed last month. But any way moving on to more important topics...

Eternal Light like I said was finished before the year started, I had friends read and give their reviews of it and now I am reading the rough draft through and making corrections to the story and all that good stuff. So hopefully in the upcoming months I can fill you in on how my hunt for a agents is going and all that good stuff...wish me luck..

Moving on to Eternal Earth which is Adien and Harmoney's story. I have the first two chapters written but since i am in classes and still editing Eternal Light i havent be able to write more chapters for it yet. But if I do say so myself the first two chapters are interesting to say the least. And still him and Radien arent on the best of terms...but maybe if he hadn't punched Melody in the face things might be different lol cant you see where this is going? Probally not because I don't know. But i will keep you all posted on how things are progressing with Adien and Harmony, like I've said many times before I cant wait to write Adien character all get all his issues out there.

On a side note know what I've realized is that while most books are 400 pages mine is almost 500. I'm not sure if i should be happy about that or worried that people wont want to read it because its so long (im talking about the manuiscript) but anyway I'll fill u in on my other series going on...

Well the Angel Wings series is still on hold so is the Glass Mistresses while Im writing Radien Adien and Jaden's books....but until next time


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