Monday, January 18, 2010

Update: Completion of Eternal Light and New Poem

Hey everyone, How are you all doing? I hope you al had a Happy New Year so far mine is going good. School starts back in a week or so (oh joy). But moving on to more important issues. Eternal Light is completed and Eternal Earth is under way. Right now I'm looking for a literary agent so i could get a publishing contract. I would be lying if I didnt say i was a little nervous but I can;t let that stop me and I wont. Oh and just like I promised I have a poem for you guys its called Look at them (the tittle is subject to change). Well I promised you a new poem so here it is.

Look at them Laugh
Look at them Play
Look at them Run
But dont let them hear you, the will strip you of you laugh.

Love them for the work they do
Hate them for the work they cause.

See them Cry
See their Pain
See their Joy
Tears they cry for the lost way of their world

Look at them Free
Look at them Unchained

Look at the animals
Look at the savages
The wise yet uneducated. The monkeys that walk up right.

Look into their eyes
Look at their smiled
Look at their hands
At their feet
At their faces
Bodies put through torture for the gain of property

Run from them
Hide from them
Scold them
Hit them
Hurt them
The creatures with the dark skin that can't feel

Keep them
Feed them
Clothe them
Teach them
Your trained dogs

Rape them
Steal them
Take them again and again
A perfect tool for mass production

Break them
Destroy them
Burn them
Hang them

Damn them for needing air to breathe
Damn them for needing

Love them for their work
Hate them for the work they cause.

Well there it is. And yes the poem has a meaning. But I have to go back to checking out agents and figuring out my next step so Until Next time...smuches

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