Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Hoildays

Hellow everyone I hope you all had a great x-mas and all that good stuff. I'm glad school is out for the winter. I needed a break for real. So far all my classes are looking good just missing the grades for two of my classes. But moving on to the updates that you really want to hear about...I am proud to announce that Radien and Melody's story is complete, yes i mean it this time. It is completely done and I'm up to chapter two in the revisions. I'm so excited. As you know next is Adien and Harmoney's story which I will be starting the new year. I already have a few scenes for the book in the works. I want to fill you in on what's going to be happening in Adien's stroy. Well first off Auzula is releashed and she beast like Iraon, Melody and Radien along with Bion, Anima, and Rasi all make appearances and each chartacer has some interresting news. There is more information about Alrik, Gazini, and Alur. Oh and of course Presphrone and Hades make an appearance and have some interresting roles going on.

As of the Angel wings series goes I'll be starting on Lucario's book which obviously is the first one in the series. I'' also be starting that story in the new year along with Adiens story. ...

I know i promised you a short story but I havent had time to write a new one but next time i'll have something for you...Until Next Time

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