Thursday, November 26, 2009

Updates and Happy Turkey Day!!

Hello everyone Happy Turkey Day I hope you all are feeling better than I am right now. My head is killing me and I'm feeling horrible. But other than that everthing is fine. School is going pretty good cant really complain just have to stay focused for the rest of the smester and not slack off....but enough about that time for an update...

First lets start with the Hound series: Two more chapters and Radiens Book will be finished. (yay I'm so excited.) At first there was going to be only three books in ther seris (Radien, Adien, and Jaden.) But I was thinking about adding one more book to the series. I dont wanna give anyhting away as to what is going to happen through out the seris but it is highly possible that there will be fours books in the series (but its still just a thought). Oh, and once again i have wrtitten a new prolouge from Radien's stroy where I have introduced Gazini and Alrik and ALur and what caused the formation of the Trio and the Trinity. Wich remeinds me at the end of Radien's book there will be a sneek peak of Adiens story (cant wait...I hope you all love Adien's character as muchs as I do. Even though you get a taste of him in Radien's book you get his full attitude and life style in his.)

Second is the Angel Wings series. As you know the Angel Wing Series are around the Griffions... Well I have a formation for three of the books in the series and the background that caused everything that happened in the series. Its funny bacuse each book just came to me one day and I had the whole concept of the book and where it would be in the series. Well just for those who dont know what a griffin looks like here are a few pics....

Thridly I have been trying to geth together the story line for The Elemental Kings Series. But all thats going on in my head with the other two series I'm having a rough time getting it together. Well the Fire King's book startes the series but as for the background of the story its going to take me a little while but I should have a preview to give you before the end of the year.(hopefully)

But thats all for now. Hopefully for the next post I can give you a short story that you will like.

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