Thursday, October 22, 2009

Update and Poem.

Hey everyone whats going on? How has everyone been? I'm ok, i know i haven't updated in a while but I've been busy with school and gathering together my book collection for the winter so for i have about 30 books in line for mt winter reading and its only october. I still have to but Finding The Lost by Shannon K Butcher, Born of Fire and Born of Ice by Sherrilyn Kennyon, Shades of Midnight by Lara Adrian, and a few more. lol In case you havent noticed I kidda have a book addiction. (crazy i know right)....But anyway with that said All my stories are on hold until school is over. During the winter break I plan on finishing Radien and Melody's story and begining Adian's story. Also I'll try and start the griffions stories as well but most likely I'll just be focusing on Radien and his brothers story. Yes i know its taking my forever to get this story out but bare with me. This is my first series I am writing and I want to make sure i dont disappoint any one. I want to make sure that everything is flowing together and the characters are believeable and likeable (or dislikeable with the case of the bad guys lol). I dont want to give you something that isn't my all and that I am happy with so just give me some time to get it together and you wont be dissappointed. I promise. But I also wanted to share a poem I wrote in the meantime. so here it is i hope you enjoy it:

Black Blood

The feeling was to much to take.
Wondering why some found it so pleasureable.
To keep from yelling...
Eyes would close tight and for tears.

Crying as the sprit began to break.
The essence ripped away; never to return.
Crying out of selfpity, hate, guilt, and dismay
The heart bled black blood; As impurity formed

Light seemed to vanish
Replaced with the silent darkness
The body now still as wood
Black Blood flowed into the tainted world.

Imperfection caressed the soul
Kissing the growth of impurity
Curving the bodys justification for lust
Hot fire replaced by spliting pain.

Dreams of the sensual now nightmares of sin
Feelings of the inside being torn in two; both going seperate ways
The childhood of the past carried away by a passioned breath
The innocence that once flowed through the veins of life now dead and gone

Falling into adult hood
The sins of the future
Innocence gone and forever unaware
Of the growing pain that had been planted by the seed of desire

Time gave way to pleasure
Seeds of pain form flowers of lust
That are warted by the sins of the body
Infedelitiy now filled the air and the thought of imperfection hazed

The need to fill the body grew each day,
Becoming strong, harder, and stronger to resist

Black Blood
Holdng a dangerous secret
NO respect for the self
It's hunger grows into an unsatifiable appitate

Curved nails,sharp in the intent
Clawing in the body. Needing more than is given
Fueling the lies that rain from the heated mouth
Betryal and guilt for between the legs and base for it

Innonce no longer known
Thick cluds formed over the path of virtue
The Path vanished as eyes looked upon it
No longer could it be heard
Screaming for help behind the black wall coverd by a vail of objectification

Nails constantly digging and the sound of anxiety rumbled in the pit of the darkness
Tired of tasteing the same thing...

Innonce tired of being concealed behind the black wall
To bust free there must be a change
The orgin of the sinful seed must be up rooted. No onger entangled with the air
Black Blood msut not flow through the veins

Find HIM and the black wall is crushed
Innonce can take in the pure air
Tames the hunger and smothers desire...
Black Blood, Black Blood, Black Blood

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