Friday, October 2, 2009

Bio-Sexual (preview)

Hey everyone, well I just wanted to give you a preview of a story that I am working on...Its called Bio-Sexual and its bascially about a young woman struggling with her sexuality and attraction to her best friedn....well here it is I hope you enjoy it...

I told her that I wanted to fuck a big dick, she laughed a told me that she would by me a 12 inch dildo and fuck me with it...I just looked at her speechless. I was going to slap her but I was in shock that she said something out of he mouth like that. She looked at me an erupted in laughter...I guess it was the expression on my face because i sure as hell didnt find anything funny about what she just said...Well I guess it would have been funny if I hadn't just broken up with my man that day. But I mean damn that was unecessary.

I had meet Latoya two yeasr ago in a college course i was taking. Normally I dont take to women but we hit it off easily. Over time she became one of my closest friends. We have been through a lot. Every bump in the road I've had she's been there but forsome reason this time seems different...I'm sitting here with a broken heart and all she can seem to do is be happy and make jokes. This was a crucial time for me. My boyfriend of three years just told me he never loved me but rather what I did for him. Top it all off her was cheathing with the whore that had lived across the hall from my room...All the pain and hurt that was stroed in me...I couldnt help the flow of tears that started running down my face.

"Hey grul, come on it was a joke. Dont start crying on me I didnt mean it." She hit me on the leg. All I did was look at her. I wanted to strangle her but she wasnt the cause of my anger. I forced myself to come up with a phoney smile.

"Look I just wanted to make you laught a little thats all. I didnt mean to hurt you...I know you're going through something right now and I just wanted to make you laugh thats all." She moved her chair next to me and hugged me tight. I accepted her embrace. I couldnt stay mad at her...she was my best friend.

We sat there and conversated a little while longer. I was a little buzzed from the glasses of wine and to top it off I was extremley hot (if you know what I mean). This was one of the times i wished Taylor was here, He would have taken me into the rest room and screwed my brains out. Thats what I liked about him, he didnt care where we were he would always find away to cool me down...just the tought og him touching me made me clentch my legs together.

"Ok I think we better go before you get us kicked out of here." I looked at her.

"What are you talking about? How am I going to get us kicked out." I wanted to slap her for interrupting my memeoires (even though im sure he wasnt thinking about me right now).

"Cause you're over there rubbign you legs together and moaning. Did you forget where we were?

Damn she was we were in the middle of a crowed resturant and I'm having hot flashes. Weneeded to leave and quick before I did something to embarass us...again.

Bad thing was I was too buzzed to drive so I gave Latoya my car keys.

When we got into the car I laid my head back and closing my eyes I let the wine bring back memories of Taylor and the nights of passionate love making we had (at least thats what I thought they were..too bad he had a different theory). My eyes closed and hormones raging the let the electric voice of Avant flow into my ears (ironiclly the song play was Making Good Love). I listed while i waited in the car for Latoya to finish filirting with some guy and bring her ass in the car. As I listened to Avant sing in his sexy ass voice i felt myself getting hot all over again...I couldnt take it any more. I reached in the back seat and got my lovely sliver goddess balls...good thing i was wearing a skirt or getting them things insdie of me would have been hard to do...Once I got situated I started thinking of Taylor and how his masterful tounge Knew how to find every hidden spot on my body...I rocked my legs faster...

I dont know when Latoya came in the car...but I was too far gone to stop...I know she turned the music up louder...I guess my moans were a little to loud for her (or so i thought). I dont know what made me open my legs when I felt her hand rub my leg. I could feel her hand moving up my leg and under my skirt. I tried to close my legs but she slid her finger inside me so smoothly and quickly. All resistance left me. It might have been the wine or my lonliness that made me open my legs farther. I heard the balls drop to the floor and she sucked in a breath. I could feel her slip her index finger inside of me and tickled my g-spot. Moans erupted from my throat. She used her thumb to rub my clit. I imagined her hands were Taylor's. I wanted it to be Taylor finger sexing me and not my friend (even though i have to admit she moved her fingers better than Taylor ever had)...

I loved the way she was fingering me. I guess that's what made me moan louder than the music...How she still managed to drive was beyond me. I was sitting over here in the passanger side going crazy...Good thing I just darkened the tints on the windows of my car (and it also helped it was nigth time) or else there would have been alot of people staring...I could see her nipples were rock hard through her thin shirt. I dont know what possessed me to play with one but she let out a moan that matched mine. She played with my clit and fingered me harder...just when I'm about to erupt in escasty she stops...I was seriously about to slap her...

I was sweating and out of breath. I watched her park and get out the car (i couldnt feel my limbs) and she opened the passanger side door. I didnt even notice that we were at my home. She grabbed me and pulled me out the car. Both of us the same height, we were face to face. She grabbed my hand pulling me close to her. Before I could even react she kissed me hard on my lips, her tongue darting into my mouth. It wasnt a tender kiss, it was one of those fuck me now kisses. I know i should have pushed her away but i ended up kissing her harder than she did me.

It must have took all of five minutes to make our way to the bedroom. She stroked my hair and eased me down onto the bed. I relaxed closing my eyes I felt her warm breath over my clit. I let out a low moan when she flicked her tounger over my wet spot (damn she knew what she was doing). I could feel her tounge stroking deep inside me. She used her fingers to part my lips so she could push her tongue deeper insdie me.

"Fuck me" Were the words that rushed out of my mouth in between heavy breaths. Her mouth never left my body as she reached under the bed and pulled out a massive dildo (guess she wasnt joking). As she came up to suck on my nipples she pushed the huge thing insdie me...She moved it in and out of me as she coitnued to suck on my nipples.

"Harder" I insisted and she pushed it harder and deeper inside me. My moansconitnued to grow as i felta massive explosin coming on...

RING!!! I hated that damn alarm clock. It always has a tendency to wake me up when thing were getting to the best part. But its a good thing it did ring or else i would have over slept and been late to work (again)...

Well thats the first part of the story. I know its a little explicit but I hoped you like it.

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