Monday, September 28, 2009

Angel Wings Series

Hello everyone....yes yes i know its been a while since my last post i know but i told you i started class and that is taking up alot of my time....But let me fill you all in on whats going on with the books....Its basically the same as last time for Radien and Melody's book. But i do have the concepts dont for the first to Griffion stories, which is going to be the leader and Necro. And the back story for the Griffons done and its pretty good. if i do say so myself. The name of their series is called the Angel Wings yeah you see im making some type of progress.

well thats is for now I have to get back to my studies....oh by the way I have a new blog...its now i have two blogs so make sure to follow them both...

Until Next Time SMUCHEZ MISS J

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hello everyone,

yes yes i know i haven't updated in a long time. But no worried because i am here now. Ok so lets start with school...well classes for me have started so im really trying to focus on doing my best with that right now. Im actually taking alot of english classes to help me better create the characters and their world....but on to the real stuff because i know you want to know about whats happening with Radien and when I will be done with the book....

Well as of now im still in the process of finishing up the book, but because of school and all the time that it demands i havent be able to write the way i wanted to. So as of right now the story is on hold.

But on the brighter side of things I have gathered together the story for the first of the Griffions books....yes yes i know im always jumping around but thats how my mind works and i have learned that when an idea comes to me not to ignore it.

But thats all for now so until next time (hopefully i cant give u a excerpt from Radiens book...possibly one of my favorite scenes)...