Saturday, August 8, 2009

Update (story preview): Taste of the Wolf

Hey everyone see i told you i would have something for you to read while i worked on Radien's story. So here's a little background from the story. Well its written in first person narvtive, as for the concept of the story its still under construction. Basically a female alpha were wolf enters school and has an animal attraction to her professor lol but thats all im going to tell you lol...well her is a sneak peak of Taste of the Wolf (the first chapter)oh and the change between characters are spearated by a row of..............just so you dont get confused.

Great…I guess summer vacation is over….just great….I’ve been complaining all summer about wanting my classes to start now that they are here I wish it was summer again. It was the first thought that came into my head when I walked into the building. I was shocked at the inside; from outside the building appeared to be so small but inside is huge. There were turnstiles in the center of the room, where you swiped your ID. Or what I liked to call you school jail card…well that’s what my picture looked like anyway. The floors were covered with a cheap black carpet. Just past the turnstiles the floors were hardwood and looked as if they have just been polished. The walls were covered with bight pictures...damn things gave me a headache. Hanging from the ceilings was the flags from all over the world. You know I never did understand the point of hanging up a nation's flag because now a day’s everyone is mixed. I mean really who can say that they are a pure anything. The security desk was sitting in a little booth in the far corner in the front. The area after the turn style was huge, in the middle of the hard wood floors where sets of tables forming a square with welcome back to school signs ever were
I hate this new school. I’m still trying to figure out what made me come to this school. But then again it’s not like my GPA is a 4.0 more like a 2.9 but who’s counting. Yea most def not Harvard material, don’t you agree. Damn I’m going to be late for class…yea it figures I would be the one to be late to a class that was only a few feet away from me. Yeah go figure, just my luck that my ID isn’t going through. After swiping it about half a dozen times I finally got a green light to go on through. Finally. I hadn’t even noticed all the people that where around me. I was type late for class, didn’t really have time for meaningless chit chat. Making my way through the traffic of people however seemed to be pretty easy, easing around people standing in the hallway for no reason…don’t they have anything better to do with their lives…?
Damn I’m late…By like 3 min...Shouldn’t be a big deal right…damn I hope not. Straightening out my jacket I opened the door. Everyone was already in their seats look anxious for class to start. Glancing around the room I could see the professor wasn’t in the room. Glancing around the room it looked like a tiny little space in the wall. The walls where a dirty cream color with a dirty white floor. Room looked as if it hadn’t been cleaned all year. Not to mention there was this huge column sitting in the middle of the room, cutting it in half. I spotted a seat in the back over buy a window. Yes I was going to need some fresh air if I was going to make it through the next hour and ten minutes alive. I walked past the people sitting in the front row making faces at me….yea ok they better keep their faces to themselves…sitting in the front bunch of nerds. I had to put my books down first then turn my body sideways so I could get into my seat…yeah sometimes having hips wasn’t such a great thing.
Ok now that I’m nice and cozy….what time is it. Wasn’t class supposed to start ten minutes ago? Hummm don’t let me find out I rushed to class for nothing. Huffing I laid my head down on the desk and waited for this damn professor to come in….what the hell was taking him so long……………
Damn just what I need to be running late for class. Some professor I am. Running down these three blocks in the city was no joke. I still don’t understand why the buildings are so damn far apart. But then again it is the city. And on top of that I left the damn attendance sheet at home…AHHHH this is going to be a long day I can feel it. Busting through the double doors shoulder first was not a good idea. Throwing the suitcase I had in my hands on the scanner I ran through the turnstiles and towards the classroom...
Fixing myself up a little. Straightening out my suit and tie I easily opened the door to a classroom that looked to be filled with annoyed and sleepy students. And who can blame them it was 7:30 in the morning...shit even I had a hard time getting up in the morning.... damn walking through that door and into that classroom I feel like I just walked into jail…..but then again what was school to a bunch of students who wanted to be back in bed…..
“Good morning class.” I had to clear my throat making sure that everyone heard me. When I knew I had the attention I continued on with my lesson.
“Hello students my name is Professor Waver and welcome to your first class in Mythology in Literature.” I wrote the day’s topic on the board…which was really nothing but a short introduction into the class. “Well let me tell you abo……” humm what was that smell…yeah sometimes I hated have “extra” senses. But oh god what was that delicious smell. Following the scent with my eyes and nose…I don’t know how I still managed to talk but it was working out some kind of way. When I finally come to the source of that heavenly smell I couldn’t pull my eyes away.
This was when all my problems were about to start. I couldn’t force myself to stop looking at her.
“In this course we are going to take a glance into the world of Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and many other cultures take on mythology.” I inhaled each breath I had to take…oh god she smell like peaches and honey, mixed with a some unique smell I couldn’t put an name on... Wait a minute I know she is not sleeping in my class….walking over to her body her smell got stronger, taking over my nose. I forced myself to focus on my job. Standing over her desk, I saw her long rusty red hair hanging off the side of the table.
“Ok class you can leave now.” I had to let them out I felt myself starting to lose my voice. And I must say that only fifteen minutes of the class had gone by, buy the way my class left they weren’t complaining… The more air I took in the more she filled my nose. After hearing all the students get up and leave the room I tapped on her shoulder…Ooohhhh gosh she felt soft. I watched as she slowly lifter her head up to wipe the sleep out of her eyes. I guess once she felt she was clear of the crust in her eye she looked up at me. Her face left me speechless. She had the fullest and juiciest lips I have seen in my life….and believe I have had a very long life. The sides of her face where full and plump like you could pinch her cheeks all day. I watched her stare at me with a…..ahhh hell I couldn’t read her expression but her eyes hypnotized me. They seemed to be the same red as her hair but still seemed to look brown. The depths of them were endless.
“You slept through my class……Don’t let it happen again.” It was all I could say. I had to get out of that room before I did something that would cost me my career...
I woke up when I felt someone tap my shoulder. I had heard the whole class lecture but I still couldn’t bring myself to sit up. That’s why I hated to sleep sometimes because I can go into a deep sleep for hours. Hummmmm maybe if I didn’t stay out all night I could have been awake for my class. When I felt someone touch me I wanted to tell them to get the hell off me but the touch was so soothing I couldn’t move, and then I felt the touch again. This time I had to lift my head up because now the smell of a male was filling in my nose. When I looked up I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or if I was awake and this extremely handsome man was looking down at me as if he wanted me right then and there. And from the smell he was giving off I think he did. I had to wipe my face to make sure I was fully awake. Because he seriously could not have been my professor looking like that, but then again it would explain why I heard half the females in the classroom gasp when he walked in….he must be out of a dream because he is perfect. He was standing over me, with a wide chest and board shoulders. Even through his professional appearance I could still see that he was extremely well built. His lips were full and looked as if you could suck on them for days and still want more. But even then he had the face of a 25 year old and the eyes of a man who has lived for ages. His face reminded me of a mix between the Rock and LL Cool J….damn this man is fine. I watched him looking at me and I couldn’t move. He was giving off this power that made me stay where I was. He had this Alpha power about him that I couldn’t help but be drawn to.
“You slept through my class……..don’t let it happen again.” I heard him say. His voice was a low bedroom voice that could do things to a woman. There was such power and authority in his voice yet at the same time it was gentle. I watched him as he rushed out of the classroom…..I want him…..I should not be having these thoughts. I mean I’m a student and he’s my professor along with many other reasons……damn this is going to be hard… I gathered my books and headed towards the student lounge on the same floor. I didn’t have another class for another two hours so I might as well chill out. I’m so tempted to go home I don’t know what to do with myself. And it doesn’t help that all I can think about is my Professor, I could still smell his scent in my nose and even with all these people around me I could smell that he was close but hidden….what was his name. I know he said it when he came in but I wasn’t paying attention. Even though now I wish I had been.
The student lounge was huge. Computers lined the walls on both sides while chairs and tables filled the room from different angles. The floor was covered in a thick tan carpet, the wall where a mahogany color. It reminded me of a classical library in some way. The seat where extremely soft as I sat down.....Damn they felt good. I eased back into the chair and closed my eyes again. I usually didn’t fall asleep in public places but damn I’m staying awake for two hours was not going to happen… know the bad part about sleeping is the dreaming……damn I hate dreaming nothing but nightmares…..but I have to get some type of sleep or I will pass out for my next class………
Running, running, running, that’s all I ever seem to do in my dreams. Running in a never ending circle. I ran until I couldn’t stand anymore. Then it went black. I am falling but never seem to hit the ground, just falling. Screaming as loud as I can but no one is around to hear me. I don’t know where I am. It’s all black around me. I stopped falling after a while. Just floating in the air. Sharp pains come out of nowhere I can feel the sting against my skin, constantly hitting my back and my arms. I can’t run. There is a force holding me in place. The pain of the lashes…I can feel it all over my body. Floating here in the dark, being whipped by something I can’t run from. Tears are starting to flow down my face. I can hear a voice loud and clear. An evil and dark voice coming from inside the dark. “You are alone child. No one can save you. No one will care that you are missing. You’re an empty vessel that takes up time and space. No one cares about you…..” I heard the voice repeat that over and over. Each word stung worse than the slashes that were going against my body. Suddenly my clothes were gone. Now here I was being whipped across my naked body. I heard the voice again. This time I could recognize it….it couldn’t be…”Now look at that body…..hummmmm something that used to be so lovely. Now it is destroyed and disgusting. Who would want you now? Look at you…..” It said. Chills coved my body. It couldn’t be….it has to be anyone else just not him…the voice was coming closer now. I could hear the footsteps even though there was no ground under me. I hovered in pain staring into the dark. The voice came again and the footsteps closer. “What happened to you? You used to be so beautiful to look at. Now look at you. You are nothing but trash now.” I could hear breathing from the side of the dark where the voice was coming from. A long and slow in hale came out and I felt my legs spread. I couldn’t fight, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe…it can’t be. Not again. “Hummmmm do you want to know a secret?” The voice said in a dark laugh. Finally I was able to see the form and face of the voice…………..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It can’t be. “Oh but it is. Hummm you still smell so sweet. Even though you are damaged. Hummm…” It stepped closer and out of the shadow. Now there was dim light in the darkness now. The voice took the form of a man. The scar on his face spread down to his neck. His eyes where completely black, he walked over to me. How could he be walking on the air? He stopped on my side. I felt his hand sliding over my stomach. Fear took hold of me and tears began falling. “Please……don’t.” it was a whisper that left my mouth. “Don’t what….you know I've always loved the way you smelled. And you taste better then you smell. Hummm it’s been a long time since I seen you last I wonder if you still have that sweet taste.” He leaned forward and licked my cheek and more tears fell. “How about we find out shall we?” He licked my ear and I felt his hands plunge into my body….
I woke up in a cold sweat with tears falling down my face. This was the dream that kept me from sleeping at night. I could still see that scared face in my mind every time I closed my eyes. I looked around and suddenly felt like bolting towards the door. It made me feel a little better to know that no one paid me any attention but at the same time I needed someone to comfort my nerves. I started shaking; I no longer had control of my body's reactions. I had to get out of here. I stood and ran towards the bathroom, push past people I locked myself into one of the stalls. Sobs starting coming out of my body as I sat shaking on the toilet seat……
I don’t know why I watched her from a distance. I watched her look around for some where to sit. I wonder why she seems to like sitting in the corners. Even in my class she was sitting in the back in the corner. Inhaling her scent filled my nose. Sending my blood pressure soreing. Hummm what was it about her that made me feel this way. I know I shouldn’t look at her like this. Being her teacher I should not want to hold her close and breathe in the same air that came from her body…she is my student but she is very special. I couldn’t help but smirk a little as I watched her fall asleep in the chair in the student lounge. She looked extremely comfortable and yet at the same time she looked very awkward.
“Why hello Mr. Wavers….your looking good this morning.” Before I turned around I knew who it was. It was Zala, her name meant beauty and I must say that she was a great treat for my eyes. She was around six feet tall in her heels. I looked at her once over and could feel the shifting in my body. Damn how long has it been since I was with someone. Its been months that’s how long it had been. Hummm and I could smell her heat coming from her body.
“Well hello Zala. How are you doing this morning? All is well at home I hope.” I turned around to face her and watched her eyes roam over my body. Of course I knew what she was thinking about. She remembered what had happened the last time between us. I saw the lust in her eyes and feel her body on my skin. For a moment I almost gave into my senses. That is until that scent invaded my senses all over again. I turned back in the direction that it came from. My…my, my, my….she hadn’t moved and yet I smelled her breath in my nose. The closer I looked I saw that she had broke out in a heavy sweat and her breathing had increased…hum I wonder what she was dreaming about. From the expression on her face it was not something pleseant, she looked more like she was in pain…For some reason I couldn’t explain I wanted to hold her and tell her everything was going to be ok. I wanted to comfort her and take her fear away. It must have been serious because a few seconds later she woke and made a run for the woman’s bathroom…Everything that was male in me told me to run after her but common sense made me stay where I was.
“She is beautiful is she not.” I hear Zala say as she wrapped her arms around me. I hated when she did this.
“What did I tell you about affection at the work place?” My tone was harsh but level.

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