Saturday, July 25, 2009

Writers Block...again

OK i offically have writers block again...know what its not so much writers block then it is i dont know how to write the next few scenes of the book. Usual a scen that i needs pops into my head when im doing something and i have to hurry to write it down...right now its like i have i ideas but its hard to put them into words. I see the scene so clearly in my head but writing it isnt coming out so good because i want all readers to be able to see and feel the secnes like i do....not to mention i have the first few chapters that i have to go back a rewrite and make them fit more into the over all story once im done with the book. but a wirters block hasnt stoppped me before and im not about to start now so just give me a days rest and i;; be back at it...u kno since i've been writing for a week stright. (the longest stright write i ever did) so pretty much my brain is kidda burnt out....

Sceondly i think im going to start writing and getting the concept for the Elemental Kings series. So ill update ya'll on that when i start it.

Thrid what i forgot to mention before is that the hounds (Radien and his brothers) is just one part of a series called the breed series. The series breaks off into about 5 or 6 different sub series. Once the hounds are finished the Griffions will be next follwed by the Harpies and so on and so on. Untilmetly all the series tie into each other which you will see...Until then I'll keep you updated

Until Next Time.....

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