Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Messiah (Early Copy)

The love he had for his mother was strong, but no where near as strong as the hate he had for his father.

When he was younger he watched his mother cry many nights from abuse she had been put through. He look at her, see her beautiful face swollen and black and blue, he couldnt figure out why she stayed with him. He finally asked her why she had told him with tears in her eyes that it wasnt that easy to just up and leave...He still didnt understand.

He couldnt understand then because he was young. But as he grew up he began to understand why his mother stayed. If she left she would have no where to go. His father had seperated her from her family and friends. All she had then was him and her son. His father had provided her with luxuries that any woman would kill for. She never had to worry about a place to live or where her next meal would come from. She knew when she married him the man that he was....he was the king of his territory and he ruled the streets with an iron fist.

Everyday after school he would wait for her to come home. He'd greet her with hugs and kisses. He would hold on as long as he could before his father would come in and pull them apart. His mother would embrace his father and anfer would shoot through his young body.The thought that his father touched his mother made him want to strangle the man.

When he was in his adolescent years, his father would beat on him for no reason at all. As he became a teen the abuse became more intense and the beatings grew more violent. The more he was beat the more his anger consumed him. when his father wasnt hitting him, he could hear his mother screaming for him to stop beating her.

When his mother decided that she couldnt take any more, she packed her bags and took Messiah and left.

She didnt know where she was going to go but she knew she had to get away. she had left when he was sleep, and for a while she was safe. She had moved across the country and lived happily for a while...

Until his father started seeing another woman. This woman poisoned his mind, playing on his insecurites for her own personal gain. His father was easily persuaded to thinking that his mother would tell the cops about his operation and that she would take everything he had left away from him.

He had found her a week later and appeared in the night while Messiah slept in his room. His father had crypt into his mothers room. He stood over her and shook her awake. He wanted to see the panic in her eyes when he strangled her. She had struggled with him, she had been tossed against the wall, kicking and swinging her arms trying to break his grip on her neck. But it was useless, his father was stronger and he held her there until she had stopped moving and her eyes were lifeless. A single tear had fallen down his face as he carried her body back in the bed and left the house as silently as he came.

Messiah had seen his father leaving the room and ran into his mothers bed. he screamed when he saw her. He wrapped her cold body in his arms, he held her close to his body and cried. He had lost the only woman he loved to the man he hated. He knew what he had to do but he wasnt prepared to do it. If he tried now he would surely be killed. Knowing this he kissed his mothers cold forehead and disspeared into the night.

10 years Later

Messiah walked into the huge house. It was quite and no one. He searched the house; he hear noises coming from upstairs. Slowly and quitely he crept up the stairs. The door to the noise was locked. His eyes canned the hallway looking for something to break down the door. Finally he decided to kick the door in.

His eyes grew huge when a little girl ran into him. He looked down at the little girl and saw his fathers face. He wanted to hate the child but he knew she had nothing to do with anything. He could see that she was scared and had been beaten before she was locked in the room.

He asked how she ended up in the small space. she told him that she had been locked in there for two days. when he asked her were his father was she told him that he was outside doing his daily check of the house. all the servants were gone and her mother...Carmen was sleeping.

Messiah told the little girl to wait for him outside. she ran off as he quitely walked into Carmens room. Pushing the double door to the room open he was her sleeping...undistrubed by his presence. He locked the doors and walked over to her. Standing over her; he gripped the pillow from under her head and held it over her face. She gaasped for air, she struggled to get free but all she managed to do was drain her engery till she finally lay there lifeless...looking up at the ciling with a blank expression.

With Caremn dead Messiah look for his father out in the yard. He found him counting his money. When his father looked at him, he showed no emotion just a heartless smile...

Watchng his fathers every move Messiah watched his father walk over to him. He bellowed with laughter when Messiah told him of what he had planned for him. His father stood face to face with him, eyes burning through each other. Before his father could strike him he punched him in the face, knocing him to the ground. Quickly Messoah jumped on top of him. With a war cry and his mothers name of his lips he cut his fathers throat from ear to ear.

Standing over his body, covered in blood Messiah laughed at his father's dead body. His father and his kingdom was dead and his mother was avenged. Now he was the ruler of his fathers territory.

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