Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Radien (Chapter 1)

Melody Sonders, at the tender age of 25 prided herself on her work. She was one of the youngest publishers around. She had worked long and hard to get her business where it was today. Trinity Publishing was one of the world’s foremost accomplished companies. With more than five hundred authors under contract with her and her company she dominated her field.
Any and everyone wanted what she had. By the age of 23 she had her own mini mansion. She never had to worry about money. She went from having nothing to following her dreams and having more that she would have ever imagined. She made enough money to take care of herself and pay for another home where her mother lived. She was proud she could take care of her mother in her old age.
She should be enjoying youth and success. She should be traveling other countries without having business to handle when she got there. She should be taking trips to exotic islands or sailing on a ship around the world. She should be doing something other than what she was doing right now.
Instead of enjoying herself she sat in her office with her head in her hands. She was hurt and betrayed. She never thought she would feel like this. With her office door locked she wept. She wanted privacy for what she was going through right now. She wanted to free to wallow in her anger and hurt without someone busting in on her. Asking her to explain why she was crying…she really didn’t feel like dealing with anyone right now.
“Damn you Craig.” She sobbed.
How could this have happened to her? She was supposed to have every aspect of her in under her control but somewhere along the line she became caught up with love. She had given it all she had and how had it repaid her. It lie and betrayed her, it left her blinded and vulnerable.
She should have known he was too good to be true. He started out loving and caring, he would stand behind her and comfort her when she needed it. She had became dependent on him for that support. Then he turned around and crushed her.
She should have known her was no good for her. He dogged her out and felt no remorse about it. After all she had done for him, he would turn around and leave her like this.
“Why…why…what am I going to do now?”
She raised her head as those words left her mouth. Had she really just said that?
What was she going to do? She couldn’t believe those words left her lips. No longer mad at Craig she became frustrated with herself.
What the hell am I talking about? Melody thought as she took a look around her office. She looked at the awards that covered her wall. Then her eyes roamed to the plaques that lined her bookshelf. All of which acknowledge her achievements. Achievements she had made on her own. She didn’t build her life or company with the help of a man. She had stood alone when people ridiculed her and laughed at her ideas. There was no one there to offer her comfort during the hardest times in her life. No. She had lived most of her life without a man and she refused to let one come in now and take her world away from her. She had obligations to attend to.
She was alive when she met Craig and she would live better without him.
She wiped the tears from her eyes. Pushing back her leather chair she went to unlock her office door. Once the door was unlocked she walked over to her windows. They stood floor to ceiling, and gave a beautiful view of the city sky line. She opened the nearest window and let the spring time air wrap about her body. It was like an sensual caress, one that relaxed her…a little.
Taking a deep breath she let the smell of rain water fill her nose. At that moment she vowed to herself that no man will ever have access to her heart. She would rather be alone than with someone who would make her feel less than what she was….no never again would she feel hurt and betrayed the way she felt now.
But as she stared out at the sky and watched the clouds move blocking out the sun she couldn’t stop herself from replaying the last few days in her mind. The way Craig had treated her had been low and disrespectful. She had been more than a good woman to him.
And to think I had wanted to marry him. She gave a bitter laugh. She wanted to slap herself.
With a sigh she walked away from the window. She left it open so she could feel the air in her office. She walked over to her favorite leather sofa and laid down. She need a quick nap to get herself together. She had a meeting in a few hours and needed to be fully awake. With her arm rested above her head and the other across her stomach she closed her eyes and forced herself to rest. It took a few moments but eventually she drifted off into a deep sleep…to a place where she was free from pain and hurt.

Radien walked the darkness of Oblivion. It was here he had spent the last few centuries. He had came there when he needed peace and time away from his brother’s hatred. Even after all this time they could barely stand the sight of each other.
Oblivion had seemed like a good place to come at first but after all this time he was growing lonely. Granted he had the company of his father and others, it still wasn’t the same. He longed for someone who would be waiting for him when he returned to his bedroom, ready and willing to serve him…
There had been one woman…no a goddess who had stolen his heart at one point in time. But she was long gone. He could still see her face when his closed his eyes. She remained his light in the darkness.
Ah, come on Radien stop acting like a little girl. Get your shit together. The bitch played you. He had told himself that over and over. Why he still longed and wanted her he didn’t know. She had loved him and cost him everything. He had given up everything for her and what happened? What had she done? She had left him when he needed her the most.
HE could still remember that moment clearly. He had been battling the Great Beast of Rage and Hatred. It was a fight that nearly cost him his life. He and the beast had battled for what seemed like hours, neither one wanting the other to win. Ultimately Radien had used his powers to sent the beast back to his thalamos. In doing so he drained himself of his own powers. He had never been drained of his powers, he had felt weak. Weak a feeling her had only experienced once in his long lifetime.
He had fallen to the ground. Battered and bloodied. He had seen her watching him from across the distance. He managed to crawl his way over to her. In pain he needed to feel her touch. The beast in him needed her to sooth him. He needed to feel her love for him and let it empower him.
Did she do any of that? No she didn’t. She had left him on the ground reaching for her. But there was nothing there. He called her name over and over until his voice was gone. She had never answered him. He had been humiliated be the one her loved and his brother wanted to kill him. He needed a place to get himself together…
Radien walked for what seemed like hours in the never ending darkness. He had wanted to hate her but he couldn’t. For all powerful that he was she had tamed him and his heart belonged to her. Who he hated was him-self for being weak and thinking the Fates had blessed him.
How foolish I was. He would never again allow a woman to have him. At least that what he told himself as he flashed himself to the other side of Oblivion to his bed chambers.
His head was throbbing. He need to rest. He couldn’t remember the last time he had slept. It had been days if not weeks. There was a reason of course…
Something was wrong. Something dark and evil was coming. He could feel it. It radiated in his bones but he couldn’t tell where it would come from or when it would hit. But he would worry about that later. Right now his energy and powers were depleted and sleep was calling for him. He would have swore it was a special melody just for his ears.
He stretched out across his bed. He usually slept in his true form but something in him told him to remain in his current form tonight. He didn’t fight sleep as it came for him the moment he laid his head on the bed. He couldn’t even if he wanted to. He feel into a deep sleep…a sleep that would forever change his fate.
Melody walked along the sand beach as the ocean air danced around her. Stopping at the shore line she stared out at the clear moonlit water. She stood bare foot in the sand. She curled her toes and let the sand tickle her feet.
She looked out into the water. It was clear and calm. The sky was a black as night and she could clearly see the stars as they sparkled in the sky. The moon was full and reflected in the water. The light from the moon seemed to dance with the water. Everything around her was clear, calm, and perfect. Everything in its place…So much different from her real life.
She walked to where the small waves kissed the sand. She watched as her foot print vanished with the tide. How she wish she could make the pain in her heart just vanish. The ocean waves danced on her feet, as if the ocean could feel her pain and was welcoming her into its comfort. She loved the water, especially the ocean. It electrified her and sparked some life into her. Even with just her toes in the water she could feel little tingling shocks roaming through her body. She walked into the water until it rose to her chest. The water kissed her nipple as it glided over her body. It was strange to her that she never felt cold in water.
She moved her arms in the water and watched the waves ripple with her movement. It was a dance that she and the waves did.
Radien watched her in the water. She was beautiful as the moonlight played on her skin. He had been watching her since she had started to walk along the shores edge. He thought she had been lovely before but now with her hair damn from the water and curling around her face stole the breath from his chest.
But it wasn’t just her beauty that had captured him. Rather it was the pain that he could feel coming from her. For a reason he could explain to himself her wanted to pull her to his chest and feel her breath against his skin.
He watched as she dove under the water. Curious as to what she was doing he flashed himself to the shores edge. He stared at the water with his arms folded across his chest. With the vision on his breed and his powers he could clearly see her swimming under the surface of the water. She reminded him of a mermaid. Beautiful and graceful. His eye followed her every movement. Even as she resurfaced for air his eyes remained fixated on her.
He was glad her back was to him. It allowed for his hungry eyes to roam the shape of the backside of her body. The back dress she had worn used to way to the movements of her body. Now the dress was clinging to her body. It was if the dress never wanted to be separated from her delectable body…He could understand that feeling.
“My, you are beautiful.” Melody spun around. She expected to see someone standing behind her but there was nothing, nothing but the wind blowing across her face.
Ok Mel…now you are hearing things…good job. Deciding that her imagination was playing tricks on her she turned back around to dive into the water.
“Why are you hurting? Someone a beautiful as you should never shed a tear.” His voice caressed her ear. Slowly she turned around. She gaped at the huge figure standing behind her on the shore line.
She started at him. Goodness he was huge. He was built like a line backer. Her eyes roamed from his legs to his broad shoulders to his face. She couldn’t see his face. It seemed to be shadowed from her. All she could see was the glowing of his white eyes. At least she thought they were white. His intense stare made her uncomfortable and at the same time sent shivers down her spine.
“Who are you?” she asked him. He remained silent.
She wondered how he got into her dream. Normally in her dreams she was alone…the only person there. Since she was a little girl she had been dreaming of this beach. Coming back to the same shore line…in 25 years nothing had changed. Until now…now there was this enormous man standing in front of her asking her a very personal question…She should have told him to leave, to just poof back to where he came from but as she looked at him something in her wanted him to step into the water with her.
“Why are you hurting?” Goodness that voice of his was sexy. She wished she could see his face…and yet somehow it didn’t matter if she did or didn’t.
When she didn’t respond asked her again. “What makes you hurt like this?” He walked into the water. Still with him getting closer to her she couldn’t see his face. Only his eyes…it was like he was an aperishion…no he was the man of her dreams. He had no face because she knew in the world she lived in he didn’t exist. He was the one man who could never hurt her. Mainly because he wasn’t real and this was her dream.
“Will you swim with me?” She asked him as he approached closer to her. Even in the water he seemed to overpower her. She wanted him…no needed him to swim with her. It seemed only right.
She had always wanted to go swimming with Craig but he always turned her down. Calming that he couldn’t swim…She had always wanted someone who would swim and play with her in the water. She wanted someone who could feel the same electricity she could from the water.
“Please…will you?” She asked again. She watched as he narrowed his eyes. She swore if she could see his face he would be frowning at her…how stupid was she. Wanting some figure to swim with her.
“You never have to beg with me beauty. I will do whatever you want me to do.”
Oh yeah he really was a dream man. She smiled up at him as he finally reached her. “Come.” She stepped back, turned her back to him and dove back under the water.
Radien watched her for a moment, her smile had left him momentarily paralyzed. He heard all her thoughts just then. How little did she know that he was just as real as she was. He could hear her as she moved through the water. It was like it was her lover caressing her body.
Smiling that he had made her happy he dove in the water after her. As he joined her side the water between them became electirifed. He could feel the light coming off of her body just as sure that he was she could feel his.
The swam together for what seemed like hours. Now they laid on the beach letting the small waves glide into their bodies. He watched her sleep in the cradle of his arms. She looked peaceful and rested. She was perfect to him. If he didn’t know the dream nymphs personally he would have sworn she was one of them.
Either way it wouldn’t have mattered to him, his loneliness was gone for the moment and that was good enough from him.

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