Friday, March 20, 2009

Radien (Chapter 2)

The Underworld
“What do you mean mated. How the hell can a three headed dog from the underworld mate to anything.” Hades paced his throne room. Shaking his head, he refused to believe that his so called guard dog had mated to a soul that was passing along the Acheron River. “And I bet the fates just love the fact the beast that both immortals and mortals fear has turned into a useless ball of fur, not to mention thing just up and vanished.” Damn what was he going to do now? What he needed protection from was something not even his powers could stop. How was he going to find another guard dog as vicious as the one he just lost? Bad enough the damn race was on the verge of extinction but he would have to travel back to the beginning of time and get another one…again. It wasn’t an easy task to do especially when he had to bargain with the fates so they won’t damage anything he holds dear…like his wife.
“I do not wish to bargain with those three bitches again. They knew that she would imprint and they didn’t even warn me or anything. I know they are having a good laugh about this one. Damn it.” Hades flopped into his throne with an angry sigh. How was he going to find another female Cerberus or a Hell Hound as they were usually called, a female was rare and almost impossible to find. They were vicious and deadlier then the males. They are the real bitches of the underworld. Ruthless killers they were, anything that threatened Hades and his kingdom was chewed up and spit out without hesitation.
“My love, do not anger the fates. You know not to cross them. And besides my love I know of one who is more vicious then the one you just lost. And he is quite unique one of a kind, if their species had a God he would be it….His power is uncharted, he is more powerful than your brother Zeus.” Persephone stood beside her husband rubbing his shoulder to relax him she hated to see him worried like this.
“What do you mean more powerful than Zeus? There is no such thing. And if there was all the Gods would know about it.” Hades shook her hand off his shoulder. He was in no mood to be comforted by his wife. His temper was getting the best of him and he didn’t want to hear about things that didn’t exist.
Persephone let out a long breath before she continued to speak to her husband. “My love...” she moved to stand in front of him. Bending down on her knees in front of him, she looked into his troubled eyes. “There are even things you and your mighty family does not even know about.”
“Then how is it that you know about them then? Surely if I do not know then you and your little powers cannot know...” She was tempted to show him exactly what she could do with her little powers but she forced her anger under control. Two angry Gods would do nothing about the trouble that was coming their way in a short time.
“Do you trust me…” she waited for his response as she started into his eyes. “Hades my love do you trust me.”
“Of course I trust you.” He answered through clenched teeth. Grabbing his hands Persephone continued to speak.
“Then listen and listen well because you only have one chance to get him here and if you do not we are doomed...” She had his full attention now as her voice grew stern and serious. “His name is Radien. To get to him you must travel through time…..”
“Of course I have to travel through time, to the beginning of time. Yes I know so tell me something that I do not know.” He pulled his hands away from her standing he started to pace again.
“Do not walk away from me when I am talking to you. You maybe the lord of the underworld but do not underestimate me and what I can do.” She started at Hades, who finally stopped pacing and looked into her eyes. His face was passive but his eyes held the rage he would dare not take out on her, “Now if you will listen...You must travel beyond the beginning of time.”
“Persephone there is nothing before the beginning of time. You do not know what you are talking about.”
“No Hades I know what I am talking about…fine then look.” She held out her hand and a crystal appeared. She watched as Hades approached her. “Look my love and see what I tell you is the truth.” He stepped closer and peered into the crystal ball.
“There is nothing there.”
“Look closer my love. It is time before time. It is Oblivion. In this realm there is nothing. And only the most powerful of beings are able to travel there. It is where the three Universes are, do you not see it…My love do you know of Bion, the Universe of life.” He shook his head. “Well Bion is what gave life to the titian Cronos and all those before him. He is the beginning and the end, when a God dies their powers flow back into his veins and depending on the power of the God he either brings them back to life or keep their power for himself……Look closer my love and see what I tell you is the truth.”
Hades stared harder into the crystal, he watched as it went from a clear shimmering crystal to black. What he saw was nothing like what he had ever seen. And that coming from a God who was there before human time that says a lot. The longer he started into the black crystal the more he saw, there were streams of blue and green that danced together. He saw no figured but he could feel the overwhelming power that was in this realm.
“How can this be true?”
“There are many things even you don’t know about my love.” She closed her hands and the crystal disappeared.
“How is it possible for a beast to have such power? I have never heard of a Hell Hound having that much power. It’s inconceivable that a place like this can even exist. I should have felt a power as strong as that was. There is no way for a mere hellhound to live there.” Hades walked around his wife as he spoke. “and more to the point how is it possible for you to have access to that power. What are you not telling me?” If she told him the truth he would have killed her right then and there. Instead she spoke nothing to give herself away.
“I have told you my love do not dismiss my powers…And like I have told you Radien is not like the rest of the species. He is quite unique. And we need his help if we expect to survive the next year.”
“Ok so tell me how does a creature such as this will come and help me.” He arched his brow as he waited for her response.
“Well you have to perform a ritual so to say.”
“A ritual?”
“Yes, you must get the blood of your previous hellhound”
“Ok easy”
“No you need to slit the throat of the most vicious heads. Then once you have the blood you must hurry and spread it out in a pentagram. Once you have done that you must offer you own blood into the pentagram. And it cannot be blood from any part of your body. It must be from the part that is used the most.” She paused, she watched as Hades face became full on confusion. He started at her and she glanced down to his manhood. If it wasn’t a serious time the look on his face would have made her laugh but now was not the time.
“You cannot be serious.”
“Yes it is your most used part. And the blood is stronger than in any other part of your body. Once you have offered your blood you must call his name while standing in the pentagram. Then he will appear and you must tell him why you have called him and you must offer him something he cannot refuse.”
“What would that be exactly?”
She paused before she spoke again “I hear it is lonely for him in that realm, so offer him the company of one of the most beautiful woman in your kingdom, weather in the Elysian Fields or in Tartarus.” She closed the space between them with one quick step.
“A woman, that’s it?” It can’t be that easy. Hades thought. But then again what better way to get a lonely man or creature then a beautiful companion.
“Yes a woman. The most beautiful, is it not true that if I had been offered to you my love you would have taken me without hesitation. Even though I think you would prefer to steal me anyway.”
“Yes. So there it is then.” Hades cupped his wife’s face. “You are the most beautiful woman in my world.”
“To you I am my love, but to him I will not be.” At least she hoped it would be that way.
“Any man or beast would be blind not to want you. But I am most thankful that he will not want you… beautiful wife.” He kissed her passionately before he set out to complete his task.

Radien was jerked awake from his sleep. Only to open his eyes and realize he was in the throne room of Hades, the lord of the underworld. Dragging his body to full standing position Radien looked around the massive room. Everything about the room reminded him of death, everything was a black and a blood red color. In the distance you could hear the screams of the souls that were being tortured.
A ritual. Radien thought as he looked down at the blood pentagram. A ritual hasn’t been done in thousands of years. What could have the all powerful God of the underworld so shaken as to call the most powerful of creatures forth? Radien smiled at the thought of Hades being powerless, it was a pretty funny thing to see the lord of underworld scared.
“I’m glad you find all this amusing.” Hades sat in his throne with two of the most beautiful woman Radien had ever seen. He knew the one to his right was the queen Persephone he could smell Hades on her body. The one to the left was the sacrifice he assumed. She was a beauty by any means, tall and lean with beautiful olive skin. Her long blonde hair was pulled back into a traditional bun. Her eyes would make the most beautiful Egyptian woman envious. Yes she was beauty but nowhere near as beautiful as Persephone.
“Yes I am quite amused that you woke me up from my sleep in some feeble attempt to help you with you with your problem. But you know what I find even more amusing?” Radien took a step out of the pentagram. “Is that I can smell the fear on you. Along with the hate you have for the fact I am more powerful than you…” He paused and turned his attention to Persephone. “Hello Persephone” Radien inclined his head. “It has been awhile since I last saw you. I hardly recognized you with the scent of Hades all on you. How is it that you became his?”
“She is mine because I wanted her to be mine mutt. So watch yourself.” Hades stood from his throne. Radien laughed at Hades as he tried to puff his chest out and look intimidating.
“Watch yourself Hades. I have killed more powerful beings than you for much less. Be happy I have had a good sleep and I’m in a somewhat good mood.” He should kill the man. Instead he turned his attention to Persephone, ignoring Hades and his thoughts.
“Hello Radien... It is a long story. One I will gladly tell you but first I need your help.”
“Don’t you mean we need your help?” Radien arched his brow. “Come on Pes, come and tell me what happened that has you so scared that you call me.” Radien extended his hand.
Hades watched in disbelief as his wife went over to the hellhound. “I am not a hellhound you worthless God.” Hades couldn’t speak. He can hear my thoughts.
“Yes God, I can hear your thoughts if I want to.” Radien voice was full of distain as he eyed the God. The temptation to kill the Greek was strong but Persephone would be killed as well, and he liked her...a lot more than he should. She grabbed his hand and hooked her arm into his.
“You blush, why is that?” Radien whispered in her ear. He watched as her cheeks became even more flushed.
You are naked Radien, as much as I love my husband you are still quite a sight to look at. He heard her thoughts and let out a light chuckle. He heard Hades thoughts as well. With the snap of his fingers he was dressed.
“Better now.”
“Come and let us take a walk around your kingdom and tell me what is wrong…..No worries Hades I’ll bring her back. There will be no need to have a tantrum.”
Mutt. Radien let out a low warning growl at Hades.
“My love be careful.” Hades replied from his throne. He wanted to take the beast heads off but thought better of it.
“Yes think before you act God, wouldn’t want your love to be sad now would you…Now come Pes, we have much to discuss and little time to do it.” He led her toward the double doors of the room.
“He will not hurt me Hades…Right Radien.” She said as she glanced back at her husband. Radien shook his head yes and led Persephone through the open doors.
“I will be fine Hades.” Persephone said as the doors closed.
“Do not worry Pes, I will help you. Not for your God, but I have an old score to settle with this devil but I will hunt for him. I will not sit down and act like a pet for Hades and guard his gate.” He looked down at her as they walked away from the castle. She was beautiful as ever to him. It had been a long time since he last seen her, far too long if you ask him.
“Very well, I understand. But how will you hunt him. When neither me nor Hades can find him.”

“You are not me and your powers are not enough. Even though I am impressed with the fact that Hades had the power to summon me. I wonder how he got to Bion in the first place. Not to mention that the blood from his pet and himself must have been strong.”
“Yes, well the more the body part is used the stronger the blood.” Persephone blushed.

“Oh that is disgusting Pes. You summoned me with penis blood.” Oh hell no. Radien had to fight the urge to vomit.
“It is the most used place.”
“Bad mental image.” Radien and Persephone laughed as they walked through the underworld. Radien felt a tingle go down his spine. Hummm it seems the devil is on his way here, this should be fun. Radien thought as they walked back towards Hades castle.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Radien (Chapter 1)

Melody Sonders, at the tender age of 25 prided herself on her work. She was one of the youngest publishers around. She had worked long and hard to get her business where it was today. Trinity Publishing was one of the world’s foremost accomplished companies. With more than five hundred authors under contract with her and her company she dominated her field.
Any and everyone wanted what she had. By the age of 23 she had her own mini mansion. She never had to worry about money. She went from having nothing to following her dreams and having more that she would have ever imagined. She made enough money to take care of herself and pay for another home where her mother lived. She was proud she could take care of her mother in her old age.
She should be enjoying youth and success. She should be traveling other countries without having business to handle when she got there. She should be taking trips to exotic islands or sailing on a ship around the world. She should be doing something other than what she was doing right now.
Instead of enjoying herself she sat in her office with her head in her hands. She was hurt and betrayed. She never thought she would feel like this. With her office door locked she wept. She wanted privacy for what she was going through right now. She wanted to free to wallow in her anger and hurt without someone busting in on her. Asking her to explain why she was crying…she really didn’t feel like dealing with anyone right now.
“Damn you Craig.” She sobbed.
How could this have happened to her? She was supposed to have every aspect of her in under her control but somewhere along the line she became caught up with love. She had given it all she had and how had it repaid her. It lie and betrayed her, it left her blinded and vulnerable.
She should have known he was too good to be true. He started out loving and caring, he would stand behind her and comfort her when she needed it. She had became dependent on him for that support. Then he turned around and crushed her.
She should have known her was no good for her. He dogged her out and felt no remorse about it. After all she had done for him, he would turn around and leave her like this.
“Why…why…what am I going to do now?”
She raised her head as those words left her mouth. Had she really just said that?
What was she going to do? She couldn’t believe those words left her lips. No longer mad at Craig she became frustrated with herself.
What the hell am I talking about? Melody thought as she took a look around her office. She looked at the awards that covered her wall. Then her eyes roamed to the plaques that lined her bookshelf. All of which acknowledge her achievements. Achievements she had made on her own. She didn’t build her life or company with the help of a man. She had stood alone when people ridiculed her and laughed at her ideas. There was no one there to offer her comfort during the hardest times in her life. No. She had lived most of her life without a man and she refused to let one come in now and take her world away from her. She had obligations to attend to.
She was alive when she met Craig and she would live better without him.
She wiped the tears from her eyes. Pushing back her leather chair she went to unlock her office door. Once the door was unlocked she walked over to her windows. They stood floor to ceiling, and gave a beautiful view of the city sky line. She opened the nearest window and let the spring time air wrap about her body. It was like an sensual caress, one that relaxed her…a little.
Taking a deep breath she let the smell of rain water fill her nose. At that moment she vowed to herself that no man will ever have access to her heart. She would rather be alone than with someone who would make her feel less than what she was….no never again would she feel hurt and betrayed the way she felt now.
But as she stared out at the sky and watched the clouds move blocking out the sun she couldn’t stop herself from replaying the last few days in her mind. The way Craig had treated her had been low and disrespectful. She had been more than a good woman to him.
And to think I had wanted to marry him. She gave a bitter laugh. She wanted to slap herself.
With a sigh she walked away from the window. She left it open so she could feel the air in her office. She walked over to her favorite leather sofa and laid down. She need a quick nap to get herself together. She had a meeting in a few hours and needed to be fully awake. With her arm rested above her head and the other across her stomach she closed her eyes and forced herself to rest. It took a few moments but eventually she drifted off into a deep sleep…to a place where she was free from pain and hurt.

Radien walked the darkness of Oblivion. It was here he had spent the last few centuries. He had came there when he needed peace and time away from his brother’s hatred. Even after all this time they could barely stand the sight of each other.
Oblivion had seemed like a good place to come at first but after all this time he was growing lonely. Granted he had the company of his father and others, it still wasn’t the same. He longed for someone who would be waiting for him when he returned to his bedroom, ready and willing to serve him…
There had been one woman…no a goddess who had stolen his heart at one point in time. But she was long gone. He could still see her face when his closed his eyes. She remained his light in the darkness.
Ah, come on Radien stop acting like a little girl. Get your shit together. The bitch played you. He had told himself that over and over. Why he still longed and wanted her he didn’t know. She had loved him and cost him everything. He had given up everything for her and what happened? What had she done? She had left him when he needed her the most.
HE could still remember that moment clearly. He had been battling the Great Beast of Rage and Hatred. It was a fight that nearly cost him his life. He and the beast had battled for what seemed like hours, neither one wanting the other to win. Ultimately Radien had used his powers to sent the beast back to his thalamos. In doing so he drained himself of his own powers. He had never been drained of his powers, he had felt weak. Weak a feeling her had only experienced once in his long lifetime.
He had fallen to the ground. Battered and bloodied. He had seen her watching him from across the distance. He managed to crawl his way over to her. In pain he needed to feel her touch. The beast in him needed her to sooth him. He needed to feel her love for him and let it empower him.
Did she do any of that? No she didn’t. She had left him on the ground reaching for her. But there was nothing there. He called her name over and over until his voice was gone. She had never answered him. He had been humiliated be the one her loved and his brother wanted to kill him. He needed a place to get himself together…
Radien walked for what seemed like hours in the never ending darkness. He had wanted to hate her but he couldn’t. For all powerful that he was she had tamed him and his heart belonged to her. Who he hated was him-self for being weak and thinking the Fates had blessed him.
How foolish I was. He would never again allow a woman to have him. At least that what he told himself as he flashed himself to the other side of Oblivion to his bed chambers.
His head was throbbing. He need to rest. He couldn’t remember the last time he had slept. It had been days if not weeks. There was a reason of course…
Something was wrong. Something dark and evil was coming. He could feel it. It radiated in his bones but he couldn’t tell where it would come from or when it would hit. But he would worry about that later. Right now his energy and powers were depleted and sleep was calling for him. He would have swore it was a special melody just for his ears.
He stretched out across his bed. He usually slept in his true form but something in him told him to remain in his current form tonight. He didn’t fight sleep as it came for him the moment he laid his head on the bed. He couldn’t even if he wanted to. He feel into a deep sleep…a sleep that would forever change his fate.
Melody walked along the sand beach as the ocean air danced around her. Stopping at the shore line she stared out at the clear moonlit water. She stood bare foot in the sand. She curled her toes and let the sand tickle her feet.
She looked out into the water. It was clear and calm. The sky was a black as night and she could clearly see the stars as they sparkled in the sky. The moon was full and reflected in the water. The light from the moon seemed to dance with the water. Everything around her was clear, calm, and perfect. Everything in its place…So much different from her real life.
She walked to where the small waves kissed the sand. She watched as her foot print vanished with the tide. How she wish she could make the pain in her heart just vanish. The ocean waves danced on her feet, as if the ocean could feel her pain and was welcoming her into its comfort. She loved the water, especially the ocean. It electrified her and sparked some life into her. Even with just her toes in the water she could feel little tingling shocks roaming through her body. She walked into the water until it rose to her chest. The water kissed her nipple as it glided over her body. It was strange to her that she never felt cold in water.
She moved her arms in the water and watched the waves ripple with her movement. It was a dance that she and the waves did.
Radien watched her in the water. She was beautiful as the moonlight played on her skin. He had been watching her since she had started to walk along the shores edge. He thought she had been lovely before but now with her hair damn from the water and curling around her face stole the breath from his chest.
But it wasn’t just her beauty that had captured him. Rather it was the pain that he could feel coming from her. For a reason he could explain to himself her wanted to pull her to his chest and feel her breath against his skin.
He watched as she dove under the water. Curious as to what she was doing he flashed himself to the shores edge. He stared at the water with his arms folded across his chest. With the vision on his breed and his powers he could clearly see her swimming under the surface of the water. She reminded him of a mermaid. Beautiful and graceful. His eye followed her every movement. Even as she resurfaced for air his eyes remained fixated on her.
He was glad her back was to him. It allowed for his hungry eyes to roam the shape of the backside of her body. The back dress she had worn used to way to the movements of her body. Now the dress was clinging to her body. It was if the dress never wanted to be separated from her delectable body…He could understand that feeling.
“My, you are beautiful.” Melody spun around. She expected to see someone standing behind her but there was nothing, nothing but the wind blowing across her face.
Ok Mel…now you are hearing things…good job. Deciding that her imagination was playing tricks on her she turned back around to dive into the water.
“Why are you hurting? Someone a beautiful as you should never shed a tear.” His voice caressed her ear. Slowly she turned around. She gaped at the huge figure standing behind her on the shore line.
She started at him. Goodness he was huge. He was built like a line backer. Her eyes roamed from his legs to his broad shoulders to his face. She couldn’t see his face. It seemed to be shadowed from her. All she could see was the glowing of his white eyes. At least she thought they were white. His intense stare made her uncomfortable and at the same time sent shivers down her spine.
“Who are you?” she asked him. He remained silent.
She wondered how he got into her dream. Normally in her dreams she was alone…the only person there. Since she was a little girl she had been dreaming of this beach. Coming back to the same shore line…in 25 years nothing had changed. Until now…now there was this enormous man standing in front of her asking her a very personal question…She should have told him to leave, to just poof back to where he came from but as she looked at him something in her wanted him to step into the water with her.
“Why are you hurting?” Goodness that voice of his was sexy. She wished she could see his face…and yet somehow it didn’t matter if she did or didn’t.
When she didn’t respond asked her again. “What makes you hurt like this?” He walked into the water. Still with him getting closer to her she couldn’t see his face. Only his eyes…it was like he was an aperishion…no he was the man of her dreams. He had no face because she knew in the world she lived in he didn’t exist. He was the one man who could never hurt her. Mainly because he wasn’t real and this was her dream.
“Will you swim with me?” She asked him as he approached closer to her. Even in the water he seemed to overpower her. She wanted him…no needed him to swim with her. It seemed only right.
She had always wanted to go swimming with Craig but he always turned her down. Calming that he couldn’t swim…She had always wanted someone who would swim and play with her in the water. She wanted someone who could feel the same electricity she could from the water.
“Please…will you?” She asked again. She watched as he narrowed his eyes. She swore if she could see his face he would be frowning at her…how stupid was she. Wanting some figure to swim with her.
“You never have to beg with me beauty. I will do whatever you want me to do.”
Oh yeah he really was a dream man. She smiled up at him as he finally reached her. “Come.” She stepped back, turned her back to him and dove back under the water.
Radien watched her for a moment, her smile had left him momentarily paralyzed. He heard all her thoughts just then. How little did she know that he was just as real as she was. He could hear her as she moved through the water. It was like it was her lover caressing her body.
Smiling that he had made her happy he dove in the water after her. As he joined her side the water between them became electirifed. He could feel the light coming off of her body just as sure that he was she could feel his.
The swam together for what seemed like hours. Now they laid on the beach letting the small waves glide into their bodies. He watched her sleep in the cradle of his arms. She looked peaceful and rested. She was perfect to him. If he didn’t know the dream nymphs personally he would have sworn she was one of them.
Either way it wouldn’t have mattered to him, his loneliness was gone for the moment and that was good enough from him.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Radien (Prologue)

He was born of Bion, the universe of life and Anima, the queen of the Hell Breed. She was the first female of her kind. She was born of both light and dark, of life and death. She was the definition of beauty. So beautiful that no man or God could deny her, even in her breed form she was beautiful. It was often said that Zeus himself would come to her palace and offer himself to her. However Anima had eyes for none of those who pursued her. She even refused the King of Gods himself. She wanted no one. That was until Bion.

Still young in his years Bion had been the handsomest man she had ever seen. His powers surpassed those of a God. He had appeared before her while she was bathing in the lake behind her palace. He had startled her so bad she flashed into her breed form without noticing it.

Bion had stared at the female beast in front of him. He had to admit she was perfection even in her breed form. She was a rare German shepherd hell hound. Her coat was jet black and seemed to be as soft as velvet. Her left and right head had midnight blue eyes, while her middle head had eyes blacker than her fur.

“By the Gods, You are beautiful.” Bion whispered. He approached her cautiously with his hands raised in the air. She watched him closely, feeling him out. “I’m not going to hurt you. I didn’t mean to startle you.” His words eased her. She flashed back into her human form.

“Who are you?” Her voice was music to his ears. He put his hands to his side as he stood a few feet away from her. He couldn’t tear his eyes from her naked body. Every soft curve of her body begged for him to touch and kiss. Her legs were long and shapely; he could easily imagine them wrapped around his waist as he buried himself deep inside her. His eyes traveled up her body. Her hips were full and her stomach toned with flawless suntanned skin. But it was the sight of her breast that made his mouth water; they were the perfect size for his hands. He wanted her with an intensity he couldn’t comprehend.

Anima watched him as his heated gaze traveled over her body. Normally she would have summoned some clothes to cover herself but for some reason she couldn’t understand she wanted him to see her. The heated look in his eyes set her body on fire. She wanted to moan as he licked his lips. Lips that were tempting her no begging her to take them into her own and kiss him for hours.

Gods, she wanted to suck on his lips until they were swollen form her passion. She watched him as he started to approach her again. Oh that body of his made her want to scream, especially since her wore nothing but a loincloth. He had a body that was built for long nights of passion and made for sin. Power rippled through his whole body with each step he took.

“I am Bion.” His voice was almost as dominating as his presence. His voice was covered with a deep accent she couldn’t place, It was a sound that sent a wave of heat through her body. Why was he affecting her like this? No other man had made her pant, she didn’t crave a man and she never craved a man like this in all her life; since she was almost three thousand years old that was a long time.

He was so close to her now that she could feel the heat coming off of his body.

“Bion…I know that name. You are the universe of life.” She paused as she looked into his face. He was gorgeous. His face was mannishly handsome with a day’s worth of whiskers growing. “What are you doing here?”

“Talk of your beauty has spread of the top of Olympus to the darkest places of Oblivion. I had to come and see for myself.” He reached to caress her face. Her soft skin under his hand made his body roar to life. He traced the line of her jaw to the shape of her supple lips.

Anima wanted nothing more than to crawl onto his lap and dull the fire that was consuming her body. Every word he spoke sent a wave of desire through her. She wanted to run her hands through his long white hair.

“Am I what you expected?” She heard herself say. She shouldn’t even care what this man thought of her but some part of her wanted to know that he was enjoying what he saw. Not that she needed to ask, the way his stare burned into her body said it all but she still wanted to hear it from his mouth.

As she waited for his answer she let her hands roamed down his chest and abs. It should have been a crime to have abs the way this man had abs, forget a 6-pack. This sexy creature was walking around with an 8-pack that made her mouth water. There was not one once of fat on his body. He was all solid muscle.

Bion wanted to growl at the sensation of her hands roaming over his chest and abs. Her touch was light and sensual. It made goose bumps rise over his arms. By the Gods she way more than what he expected, he knew she would be beautiful but he didn’t expect himself to react so violently to her. He could see why Zeus craved her. Her heart shaped face encased two of the most hypnotizing grey eyes he had ever seen. He saw an inner fire in them that touched him all the way to his soul. He had been alive for centuries, had more woman than he could count but he had never reacted to them the way he was reacting to her.

“You are much more than what I expected.” His voice was filled with desire. He heard a low growl of pleasure escape he lips as he played with a strand of her black hair. He placed the strand to his nose and inhaled her scent. She shivered form his actions. “The way they described you did you no justice.”

The satisfied smile she gave him made his groin jerk. Before she realized what he was doing he captured her lips with his. Bion growled low in his throat as he tasted her. She reminded him of cherries and woman, his favorite flavor. She was decadent and he intended to savor her.

Anima felt her whole body come alive as her masterfully took control of her mouth. She ached for him. He was all man as he slid his tongue into her mouth. She should have pushed him away, she had made a vow to never let a man close to her in fear that he would try and take her throne. But now with his body pressed against hers all she could think about was the feel of his mouth moving against hers. She placed her hand on the side of his jaw so she could feel the muscles work as he kissed her.

A moan escaped her as she felt him slide his hand down her bare back. He pressed her closer into his body so he could deepen their kiss. She was surrounded with his scent and power. With one hand on her back, he passively embedded his other hand into her hair. He held her as if she was his already.

Bion hissed as her hardened nipple rubbed against his chest. She felt so soft in his arms. He let his hand travel further down her back so that he was cupping her butt in his hands. He grounded himself against her so she could feel how hard he was for her. He was throbbing in desire. He wanted her. He wanted her to feel him inside her as he drove himself beep inside her. His senses were out of control as he continued to taste her lips and inhale her scent. He pulled back to look into her face. Her lips were swollen from their kiss and her eyes were filled with as much desire as his eyes.

“I want you Anima. I want to be inside you.” He whispered against her lips.

She couldn’t breather as she listened to his words. She wanted him too with every fiber in her being she wanted him. Using her powers she flashed them into her bedroom chambers in her palace.

“Come Bion.” She said as she broke away from his embrace. He watched her hips sway as she walked over to the bed. She was graceful to him as he watched her climb in the bed. She motion for him to come and join her.

He smiled at her. Shit she didn’t have to tell him twice, with a snap of his fingers he was on top of her. Anima should feel smothered with him on top of her, but she wasn’t. She loved the feel of his body on hers.

“You are beautiful.” He breathed in her ear. He kissed her deeply as he drove his self into her body with one forceful stroke of his body. They made love throughout the day and night. Neither one wanting the other to leave.

They loved each other for years. But the fates refused to let them to have a happy life together. Enraged that Anima had chosen Bion over Zeus they cursed their relationship. Bion and Anima knew that their relationship would anger the Gods so they kept it a secret for almost a hundred years. Anima knew that if Zeus ever found out that she had rejected him to be with Bion he would kill her out of jealously. Her breed would be enslaved to the Gods, but it was the life of her unborn son she feared for. She knew that the child that she carried inside her was something of tremendous powers. Her son’s powers would rival that of his farther. She also feared for her beloved Bion, even though he was powerful he was still young in universe years and no match for all the Gods. She hid her pregnancy for the most part. But now she was in her 12th month and her belly was sticking out through her royal robes.

Now as she stood at her balcony that overlooked her kingdom she wondered about the future of her people. For centuries she has ruled her kingdom with pride and grace. Those who had challenged her were severely punished or killed. She had no counsel because she didn’t trust some of her breed. Bion was there to guide her but he only helped when she asked. He was more like a stay at home mom now as he took care of her and the baby. But now that she carried a son within her things were about to change. He was the first of his kind, part breed and universe. He would be king once he matured and she would be free to live with Bion at least that’s what she hoped.

“Wait until you see your kingdom my son.” She whispered to him as she rubbed her outstretched stomach. She smiled as she felt him kick her in response to let her know that he understood her. “You will make a great king for your people. You will lead them into a new era of peace.” She was so caught up in her own thoughts she didn’t feel Zeus flash himself into her chambers.

“Anima.” She cringed inwardly as she heard Zeus’s thunderous voice behind her. She hoped he would give up on her but she knew better, the king of Gods was selfish and petty he would never leave her alone until he got what he wanted from her. It had been almost a year and a half since she last seen him and she had hoped it would be the last time. Guess she wasn’t that lucky.

“Zeus. What brings you here after so long a time?” She tried to hide the distain in her voice as she continued to stare out at her kingdom. She refused to turn around and show him that she was with child. The old God would become enraged and probably kill her and her child. With her being pregnant all her powers were used to support and protect the baby inside of her.

“I have heard some interesting news.” He walked out of her room to stand on the balcony behind her.

“That doesn’t surprise me the gods are always running their mouths about something.” She could feel the anger coming off of Zeus as she refused to turn and acknowledge him.

“Don’t play dumb with me hound. I have heard talk of you keeping consort with Bion…Is this true?”

She sighed before she answered. She should have known it was a matter of time before word got out about her and Bion’s relationship. “If it was. What would you do?... for that matter what concern is it of yours?”

“Look at me when I speak to you mutt-“

Before he could finish his sentence she turned on him and used what little power she had to hit him into the wall. “How dare you call me a mutt. I am the purest of my kind and I suggest you remember that.” Her anger had gotten the better of her. She knew she had made a mistake when she saw his eyes narrow on her stomach. Before she could blink Zeus summoned a bolt throwing it straight at her heart. She stood there waiting for the pain to hit her, the shot had come so fast she didn’t have time to react so she was sure she should be laying on the floor dying right now. But Bion had appeared before her and caught the bolt in one of his hands. The bolt vanished in his hands the instant he touched it. Zeus eyed the with a hate filled look.

“Are you ok?” Bion asked as he looked over his shoulder at her. She nodded yes. She wanted to sigh in relief but that was quickly cut off as she watched Zeus spread his hands and summon hundreds of God bolts. She felt herself start to panic as she looked at Bion. Her love was strong but she didn’t think he could catch all those bolts that were flying at them.

Before the bolts could hit them Bion grabbed Anima into his arms and flashed them to his home in Oblivion. They would be safe here. This was the one place not even the God’s could travel, most didn’t know that it existed.

“Anima, are you ok?” He said as he looked into her panicked expression. He expected her body, his eyes and hands roaming over her to make sure Zeus hadn’t hurt her. When he saw that she was fine he grabbed her into his arms and held on to her for dear life. He had never been so scared in all his life.

“I’m fine.” She said as she laid her head on his chest.

“You will stay here with me until you give birth to our son.” She nodded her head in agreement.

She would stay with Bion until she had her son then she would return to her kingdom and show Zeus her true power. She would show him just what a so called mutt could do.

Two days had passed since Anima had come to Oblivion. On the third day she gave birth to her son. As she held him in her arms she realized there was no way she could expect to face Zeus and leave in one piece. She would die defending her land and the ones she loved. She should be upset, sad, or even angry. But as she looked into her sons face all she could see was giving him a future he knew he deserved.

It was late at night when she left her son in his crib in his father’s room. She kissed Radien good bye then she walked over to where the love of her life lay sleeping. How she wished she could have stayed with him, stayed wrapped in his arms where nothing could touch her. But if she didn’t return all of her kind would be a Zeus’s mercy and she couldn’t have that. As queen she had a duty to her people. A duty she meant to do no matter what happened. Sighing she bent down and kissed her husband on the lips. She whispered words of her love to him before she flashed herself to her home.

But as she appeared in her bedroom she saw Zeus step from the shadows. He had hid in her palace and waited for her return. She started for him only to have Ares and Poseidon appear at her sides. She was trapped. They all had sadistic smiles on their faces as she stood before them.

“Give up dog. You have nowhere to hide and nowhere to run.” Zeus spoke... She should have given up, but she knew they would kill her anyway. It wasn’t in her to just lie down and accept her death. Trying to get the upper hand on them she charged at Zeus in her breed form. But she wasn’t fast enough, before she could reach him he summoned a God bolt and sent it flying into her chest. Pain racked her body as she shifted to her human form. She gasped for air as blood flowed from the middle of her chest. She coughed up blood as she laid in the fetal position.

“Animals.” She could barely hear their voices as she faded in and out of consciousness. But she did feel the kick to her stomach that Zeus gave her. She wanted to scream from the pain but they had muted her voice. Fighting the darkness that was approaching her she tried to push herself to her feet. Blood feel from her chest and mouth. She head them laugh as another wave of pain consumed her and then darkness.

Zeus stood over her body with a disgusted look on his face. He took a step back as the pool of blood grew too close to his foot. He should have been happy she was dead but instead he was fuming. She had hidden her son somewhere, but where...