Sunday, November 6, 2016

Update and Review: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Hey there fellow bloggers, how is everyone doing tonight? 

I've just finished making dinner and am now at the keys. This month is NaNo and this month my goal is to not only finish Seducing the Black Prince but also Eternal Earth, which I am picking back up on tomorrow after work. Lets hope Adien is talking to me. 

With that being said, I do have another review for everyone. As you all know The Girl on the Train is the newest movie that is creating a lot f buzz (well it was before it came out). After I saw the trailer for it I was interested in seeing it. However, instead of watching the movie, I brought the book and now I have no desire to see the movie (for reasons I will explain in a second). So lets get to it shall we?

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins:

When I brought this book I dove right into it, reading most of it on the plane and the last few chapters once I reached home. At first I was excited about the book and this urge to read it until the end consumed me. I just had to know who committed the murder. And I admit the ending caught me off guard as I was not expecting it.

This book for me, is in a sense very similar to Crime and Punishment, written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Not really plot wise but in the sense that the book starts off with the crime commited and works its was backwards to go forwards to untanlge the event that led up to the murder in the first place.

In this novel the reader is given three different point of views: Megan, Anna and Rachel, whose view you get the most of. Through their views and lives the story is told. Their lives interlocking with each other. Between them there is this common bond that forever changes their lives.

The impression the book first gives is that this will be the crazy ravings of a delusional drunk, who is unable to move on with her life after her husbands infidelity and divorce. With her inability to move on affecting her life, she begins to project her unstable emotions and desires on to a random couple she sees everyday from her seat on the train. As the plot and the lives of these women unfold, the reader is pushed into several directions as to who committed the crime. However by the end of the book and the reader has found out what actually happened and its aftermath, they are left caught off guard and thinking why didn't I see that coming?

Ms./Mrs. Hawkins did an excellent job of keeping the reader from figuring out who the real killer was and their motive. Which, in my opinion, was the highlight of the book. I must say that for me the characters weren't all that complex or interesting for that matter, except for the couple that Rachel watched from the train window. The mystery that surrounded their lives provided the little spark the book was lacking otherwise. 

Truthfully, by the time I finished the book any desire I had to see the movie had faded. Not because I knew the ending but because (to me) it just wasn't memorable enough to be made into a movie. With that being said let me give you a break down on the characters' perspective.

I will state with Anna. While I could call her a homewrecker, the truth is you can't take something that doesn't want to be taken. But I might have felt the most sorry for her by the end of the book. She has this arrogant attitude about her and she is even a little bit o f a bitch, but she is naive to some of the most obvious things around her. Granted, there were times when her actions surprised me but still she was probably one of the weaker character perspectives in the book. In truth I am not sure what her point of view did to add to the story. I think without her point of view the story would have still been the same. 

Then there is Megan or Jess as Rachel named her before she actually knew her name. At first we get a description of what she may or may not be like from what Rachel see from the train window and her imagination. To me, Megan provided to be the more interesting and complex of the characters as there isn't much known about her or her past. While it is touched on in the book, it isn't fully explored. So the reader (at least I was) was left in a state of limbo about who she really is. I do wish a little more time was spent on developing her and telling a little more about her and her marriage but then again it may be better that it was left out. While she could come off as a bitch, the reader is left to watch her struggled with trying to figure out the cause of her problems. In doing so, there are many surprises that pop up along the way when it comes to Megan. She is definitely my favorite view point to read. 

Last but not least is Rachel. I have mixed feelings about her. Sometimes I like her and other times she comes off as a nosy drunk who doesn't know when to leave things alone. Listening to her whine and complain about her ex and then make up an entire fantasy life about the couple she watches from the train and then get mad when they turn out to be a normal couple who right and argue was annoying at times, However, Ms. Hawkins did a great jog of making her and using her flaws as a way to propel the story and keep you guess as to what was really going on. When the reader finally finds out the truth of things the reader is left with a different view of Rachel and may even understand her actions. While she still came off as a nosy neighbor who didn't leave well enough alone, she was essentail to finding out what really happened and I was glad to see her evolve and finally begin to move forward with her life.

Rating: 3/5

Would I recommend? Maybe, I am not too sure yet

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Update and Review: Drops of Sunshine by Tricia Copeland

Good Evening,

Hello everyone, it has been a long time since I last updated you guys on what's been happening in my world. There is just so much going on and so many changes happening that it's hard for me to keep up on everything. Even now, due to some jerk running a stop sign and totaling out my car, I had to have surgery on my left arm and because of the fact that I am left handed, everything is twice as difficult as it should be. However, there are still books that need to be written and things that have to get done.

So with that being said, let me fill you guys in. Well first things first (I know, I know, don't get mad at me) but I am still working on Eternal Earth and Darknight: Dawn of the Red Sun. Like I am sure I told you before that I am working on a new title called Seducing the Black Prince, which is my little twist on Beauty and the Beast. Depending on how this book ends, this might turn into a series but I am not too sure yet. Especially since this book is giving me some trouble. As usual my characters are not talking to me... and that might be partly my fault due to everything else that is going on in my life. But, my goal is to get this book done by the end of the month so I can move on to my other works. Wish me luck with that :).

Next, something I am super excited to share with everyone. I did my first official book signing last month at Penned Con. One of my friends had talked me in to it and I am super happy that I went. I met a ton of new and awesome people and hopefully gained some new readers. My table mate was the nice and sweet Tricia Copeland, she was such a pleasure to hand out with and get to know. She was just the many new friends that I made during the convention. After this signing, I am looking forward to doing more and more and meeting more new readers and authors.

Now with that being said, let me move on to my review :)

DROPS OF SUNSHINE by Tricia Copeland:

As most people know I am not a fan of YA or first person point of view (thank Twilight for that one) but I can say that I enjoyed this short and easy to read story. Light and fun, this light paranormal YA follows the summer adventures of 16 year old Nina.

To be honest for the first few pages I did not like Nina. To me, she was annoying and whinny, definitely someone who would get on my nerves at fight sight. However, this is why you do not judge a book by its cover. While at first Nina, to me, felt like one of those unnecessarily mean and nasty teens, the type I didn't get along with when I was actually in high school, the more I read her story the more she grew on me and I understood her feelings and the need to be away from everyone.

A lot happens in this short story to make Nina not only let loose a little and come out of er shell but also forced her to grow up and face her fears. The brief backdrop of her relationship with her mother and father was enough to make her a round character and make her believable.

The supporting characters were also well crafted and represented a few of the different personalities you meet when you a dropped into an already formed group. From Britney, the sex crazed teen, to Leo, the one everyone loves, to Jacob, the serious and responsible one, and the other camp counselors and the gifted campers, helped add a dynamic to the story that pushed Nina out her comfort zone and forced her to interact with the world around her.

Also there was a light romance that developed between a few characters and Nina that by the end of her little tale had me wishing for a second part to see what happens and how she continues to grow.

For the supporting characters I liked them for the roles they played. However, I always have my favorite right off the back. From the moment Jacob was introduced into the story I was drawn to his character. Serious, mysterious, and a little broody, he captured my attention from the beginning. Watching him interact with Nina was a delightful joy.

Overall, I enjoyed this light and fun read. It was easy to read with very likable and believable characters that stayed in view long enough to spark your curiosity and forward the story but not take away from the main character.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Update and Review: Feel the Burn by G.A. Aiken

Good evening fellow bloggers,

How is everyone doing tonight? I am okay, a little tired but holding up. I finally managed to recover from RT after about three days. I have to say this RT was much better than the one in Dallas (granted I still didn't make it to any panels), but I still say New Orleans was my best RT. Like always I met up with old friends that I have missed and made new friends that I am excited to see and keep in contact with. (Total Fan Girl moment: I met Larissa Ione again and saw stars again. I simply love her, She is such an awesome person and her works are amazing. Now if only I can met J.R. Ward my life would be complete.)

Aside from RT, I am getting ready for Penned Con that is happening in September. Currently two of my friends are helping me with my currently published works while I work on getting this new story together (which in truth is taking me longer than I thought it would). I probably said this in another post but this will be the first convention that I will be signing at and I am extremely nervous and honestly pressed for time. Just thinking about all the work I have to do, from redesigning my covers, to making new bookmarks to thinking up new ideas for swag. It's a lot to take in but I am working on it and it will get done in time for the convention. I just hope I do well and am able to actually connect with people who have read my works and gain new readers.

In the mean time, while I am doing that, I have a awesome new review for you guys. So lets get into it before I get tired and forget what I want to say...

Feel The Burn by G.A. Aiken

First off let me just start off by saying I adore this series (I know I have said that before but it is true). With each new book that is added the world of the dragon kin series is expanded. With that being said, I let this book marinate in my head for a week or so, just so I can calm down off my initial high of finishing a book and actually think about it. Sometimes my feelings changes other times they don't.

For starters this addition to the series is about the Rebel King and the barbarian woman Kachka (she has some really long name in the book), who happens to be the rough and tough sister of the main character from the previous book Light My Fire (make sure to read that one too). Like all romance stories you get to watch them go through their journey and fall for each other. But, signature to Ms. Aiken's dragon kin serious, their story is not only filled with danger but humor that mixes with the overall dark tone of the story.

If you are up to date in the dragon kin world than you already know that there is a new "god" trying to be born and his minions all killing priestess and priest throughout the lands. The Mad Queen is not happy about this as is doing everything within her power to keep her people safe. In pushing back the minions she sends them into the Rebel King's territory, in turn he has to take a break from his own revenge to help with clearing out the new god's minions (of course there is much more going on but I don't want to give away too many spoilers) and protect his kingdom. In the process he continually runs into Kachka, who is a firecracker with a sharp and amusing tongue, and her comrades that make for added humor in their travels and deadly allies in battle.

There is a lot of diversity in this story, with the Rebel King being an Iron Dragon, to the Mad Queens and the Dragon Kin who are continuously referred to as lazy southern landers, to the barbarian women who are almost as strong as the dragon warriors. Like in Light My Fire, in Feel the Burn you get to see how the different cultures interact with each other and how each other them mange to keep their origins and yet fit together as one. Something I truly liked about this book.

For me the chemistry between the King and Kachka was not one so focused on passion and this overwhelming urge to have one another like in most of the stories (which is not a bad thing), but to me it seemed to be something more normal and real life like and most certainly comical. The insults Kachka would fly at the King and he would just embrace it made the book ten times better for me. Their personalities, while cultures clashed, where perfectly matched for each other. The King, while a dragon and still having that dragon arrogance, understood Kachka and her needs, giving her space when she needed it or protecting her when she needed it (even when she thought she didn't). Kachka gave the same balance to him as well and her character never seemed to get lost as she slowly began to recognize her feelings for the King. She remained the same sarcastic and fierce warrior she had been from the beginning.

Another thing that I liked was how, unlike most romance stories, these two never confessed and undying love for each other aloud. Of course their actions and such proved they were in love, but for this pair it was not something that necessarily had to be said. It was one of the first things I noticed when I finished reading the book.

Also, there were many side stories and plots going on and we also got introduced to a few new characters. Yet and still I will always love the Mad Queen's children, called the Abominations. They are just interesting and fun to read about. Strong willed and thinkers, I look forwards to seeing what is in store for them and if we will ever get their stories. One of the major relationships to grow out of this book was the Queen and her daughter. For me it was one of the more fundamental changes in that book... that's all I will say on that because I won't spoil anymore of the book.

Overall, like I said I enjoyed this book, (and I just realized that this is probably the only series where I don't have a favorite character), I believe this book was one of the stepping stones inroudcing the readers to a new phase that is coming in the dragon kin world and the growth of characters that you may or may not have noticed. I am excited to see who the next book will be about. I have my suspicions but I am not entirely sure what will happen.

Rating: 4/5

Would I recommend? Yes

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Review: Fighting to Forgive by JB Salsbury

Evening everyone,

How are all of you doing tonight? It has been a while since I last updated, but life has been happening to me lately and I have a lot of work that needs to get done within the next few months and a few books that need editing and finishing before Penn Con in September. With that being said this is going to be a short post, a simple review of the recent book I read and my thoughts on it.

Let's begin shall we?

Review: Fighting to Forgive by JB Salsbury

Fighting to Forgive is another book that I purchased while at an RT convention not too long ago. I had the privilege of meeting Ms. Salsbury, and she was a very lovely lady.

This book is one of the first MMA fighter books that I have read, (side note: the more I learn about the industry the more I learn about all types of Sub-Genres of Romance. Pretty Cool if you ask me), and I must say that it was a very well done story. Both main characters; Layla and Blake, showed realistic character growth throughout the story. Their interactions with each other, from the moment they first met to the last kiss of the book, was like watching a romantic comedy with a slight dark edge given both characters back stories.

Ms. Salsbury does a excellent job giving enough backstory on the characters to make you feel as if you know them but not enough to take away from the story. Since I prefer third person as opposed to first person, which this book is, it shocked me that I was pulled so hard and fast into the story. I managed to read over half the book in a few hours (the only reason I stopped was because I had work in the morning, or else I would have finished it that night.)

I was instantly drawn to Blake's character and found myself fantasizing about having my own MMA fighter like him. Growing up with a militant father, it was understandable that he had serious family issues. Its no secret that just about every tortured character has come dark secret they hold on to, and Blake is no different. Except his secret was actually something that caught me off guard and was a delightful surprise that had me fall deeper in love with his character. Like always with a strong willed male character, I enjoyed watching his fall into the depths of love.

As for Layla's character she was indeed a strong woman, even if she was a bit predictable at times. I admired her will to start over and better her life for her and her daughter. I especially enjoyed watching her wrap Blake the Snake around her finger. Her interaction with her daughter, although there were times where her daughter pissed me off, were realistic and gave even more depths to the character. Making it so Layla not only had to deal with Blake but her daughter's well being was also in the back of her mind with everything she did. While Layla might not been the world's greatest mother she was definitely one that loved and would do anything for her daughter.

It is rare for me to get caught off guard by a book, however, there were several times when this books caught me off guard (but in a good way). The fast that I was caught off guard caused me to continue reading. From Blake's secret to Layla's EX showing up and almost ruining everything. I was continually shocked by the book. When I thought on thing happened... it didn't.

All in all a very good book with a decent plot, steamy love scenes, and touching moments that will make your heart melt.

Would I recommend this book? Yes

Rating: 4/5

Until next time



Monday, January 25, 2016

Happy New Year! Update and Reviews: Bound and Determined by Shayla Black, Fire Rising by Donna Grant

Good evening fellow bloggers,

How are you all doing tonight? 

First, before I get started I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year (a little late I know) and I hope you all are sticking to your resolutions. I've been meaning to update for a while now, but I just haven't had the time. But I am here now and that is all that matters. So lets get into it, shall we?

As everyone knows, Eternal Earth is still in the process of being completed. I just about half way done with it, but I still have a lot more to write before Harmony and Adien's tale is over. The same can be said for SnoWolf, DarKnight: Dawn of the Red Sun, and Twisted Midnight. All of them are currently in process. Hopefully, I can have at least two of them done by the end of the year. 

I am still working on Seducing the Black Prince, I had challenged myself to complete it by the end of the month and here we are at the end of the month and I've reached the middle of the book yet. :(. However, the book is coming along nicely and should be finished soon....

Since I am drained from lack of sleep, I am going to jump right in to the reviews... annnnndddd here we go :)

Bound and Determined by Shayla Black: 

When I saw that this book was on sale at Barns and Noble, I was excited to read it. Thinking that is was just like her previous books that I have read; Decadent and Wicked Ties, I dove right into the book. For the first few chapters I was interested in the characters and story. After getting a few chapters in my enthusiasm for the book died down. It was easy for me to put this book down for days at a time and not think about it. In fact several times I found myself wanting to put the book back in my bookcase and never look at it again. However, with that being said I tried to give the book the benefit of the doubt since it had been published years back and was the first in a new series.

However that doesn't  change the fact that there (for me anyway) are serious issues with character development  and the over all excitement for the plot, which was very predictable and took me all of five seconds to figure out once all the characters had been introduced.  Granted, this is a romance/erotica novel and not a mystery or thriller novel there is still something  to be said for a decent plot.

I have several issues with the plot and characters. For one the heroine comes off as a dependent and whinny young girl, who is so infatuated by the first hot guy to give her attention that it is sickening. I considered her a dumb blonde type for most of the book and her half wittiness didn't  add anything mentionable to her character. Without giving away too many spoilers, ill give an example of what i mean, for instance, once Kathy and Ralph come up with a plan to catch the bad guys, Kathy is told not to mention their plans to anyone . And what does our lovely Kathy do? She spills the beans. One would think common sense especially  when you are not sure who you should trust you do not tell one of the suspects you plans unless you are ten steps ahead of them... in which case Kathy is not.

Then there is Ralph, our drop dead sexy hero who is a asshole but you can't  help but like him. For me Ralph was the best part of the book and out of all the characters  was the only  one who actually had any character growth. He goes threw a wide range of emotions that he had to deal with and fears he couldn't  run away from. I admit i have a little crush on Ralph simply because he is hot has gray eyes and is a sexual animal.

As far as the plot is concerned...i didn't find much to it and the ending seemed like a forced and rushed happily ever  after.  I was no impressed nor was i pleased with its lack luster ending. The heroine  had no change or growth, she was still the same cry baby 20 year old we met in the beginning of the book, and Ralph seemed like some desperate  child looking for the affection his father didn't give him.

Overall this book was a disappointment and not what i expected.

Would i recommended


Fire Rising by Donna Grant

After reading the first book in this new series, darkest flame, i knew i found a new series that i couldn't  wait to get my hands on. Fire Rising  was just as good as i expected it to be. While i haven't read the books in the other series that are also involved in the dragon kings world and didn't get to know Duncan and the warriors, i didn't feel as if i was missing anything regarding Tristan's past as Duncan. In fact as his story continued i found myself more and more interested in Tristan as a dragon king rather than a warrior.

Like all series this book picked up where the first left off. And all the characters i loved from the first book, especially  Rhi and Con were back in full force. I feel like this book makes you think about normal life choices that we all have to make, such as if there was a side of your family that you didn't know about is it better if you never meet them or should you try and build that connection to them. Obviously  in a paranormal  romance its always better to make as many allies as you can. But fire rising also focuses on the topic of trust. The trust of a newbie vs the group, the trust between old friends and the secrets  that they hold. Add to that you are fighting  to save not only an entire race of dragons but also a stubborn woman who drives you insane. Makes for an entertaining  story that i couldn't  put down.

Tristan like any other shape shifting king alpha male, is a sexy, mysterious  and brooding man that you cant help but swoon over. Like all characters he has his own set of problems. Struggling with desire is a trait that all romances have in common, but i enjoyed watching Tristan  struggle with his memories and deciding if he wanted to know who he was before he was a king. His growth was a slow and natural thing that given the circumstances added to the story line.

As for his heroine, she did get on my nerves for he first few chapters with her stubbornness but soon she grew on me and i was happy that she wasn't some hopeless female. Well for the most part. But an important  part was that she was fully human and was pretty normal and not some secret agent or spy. So of course when dealing with dragons and fae there are situations that  she simply cannot handle. I like that as it gave a sense of realness to the story. Nor was she a nitwit or clueless, her stubbornness  was what usually led to her bad situations.

Of course there was a lot more going on, such as kidnappings, battles, and internal conflicts that set up for the next books which i am excited to read. Especially, Con's book. Whenever it comes out that is.

Would i recommend. .. yes


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Update and Reviews: The Last Concubine by Catt Ford, Darkest Flame by Donna Grant, and Srae: Iss-Ka-Mala by Chaeya

Hello and Good Evening Fellow Bloggers, how is everyone doing tonight?

I know it has been an extremly long time since my last post but as I am sure everyone knows that life sometimes compliacates things. A little side note, I went to RT in Dallas this year and I have to say that I had more fun at this RT than I did in New Oreans, granted I loved the panles that were done in New Oreans, it's just that in Texas I met so many new and asweoms  people that I was able to be my self around (well fr the most part anyway) that it turned out to be amazing even though I only went to one panel this year. Anyway with that being said I have some news, updates, and of course reviews for you guys.

First off, Eternal Earth is still in the process of being written and with each new chapter that I write the book takes deep and more twisted turns that I orginally thought as I lay the set up for the next 3 to 4 books in the series. As Harmony and Adien's story comes together the world of the Trinity is introduced to new enemies and charcters that help and shape the world. I truly look forward to everyone's reaction to this story. Also I have made a cover for the book that I simply fell in love with. I can't wait to show you guys what it looks like as the book gets closer to its ending.

Secondly, I am participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Wrting Month), granted I started about a week or so late (because that's just how I roll) I am no where close to my 50,000 word count but each day I work on a little at a time. Hopefully, by the end of the month I will reach my word count. Now, because this was a challenge I decided to not use one of the tittles that I was already working on. Instead I created a new tale and I am absolutely loving it. Seducing the Black Prince, is the tentivite tittle of the book and it is my adaptation of the Beauty and the Beast fairytale (Not the Disney one). Thing is, because I enjoy series most of the times, espically when I become deepy invested in the characters, I haven't decided if I am going to make this book the first in a series that I am thinking about naming, A Beastly Prince Tale, or if it will simply be a stand alone story. But the deep I go into the story the more inclined I am to make it a series and write my own adaptions of famous fairytales. I might do it any just for the hell of it. As of right now I have a little over 10,000 typed words. I haven't finished typing our the chapters that I have hand written already but I'm pretty sure that once I do that over the weekend I will have over 20,000 words. Either way this one will be done in time for RT in Vegas next year, where I might give out little previews of the book like I did last year. Only thing I haven't given much thought to was the cover for this story but once I am done actually writing it I will deal with that.

Third, SnoWolf and DarKnight: Dawn of the Red Sun, are the two titles that I have worked on the least. But I am aiming to have those done next year sometime

Lastly, I am currently working on a co author work entitled Oria, in the future I will be able to give you guys more information about this book...

Now on to the reviews... here we go:

The Last Concubine by  Catt Ford

Now this book was one of the books that I received from the RT Convention in New Orleans last year. At first I was a little hesitant to read it. However, the back blurb of the book interested me enough to pick it up and finally start reading it. At first I wasn't that interested in the book and was bored with the characters, so I ended up putting the book down for a while and then picking it back up. It took me a few chapters to get into the book but once I did the over all story of the book was pretty good, actually reminded me of a lot of Manga's I've read but that's besides the point..

The basic plot of the story revolves around a ruler and the last concubine< (hit the title) that he acquires from his enemy A beautiful woman and the general is instantly enchanted. However all is not as it seems and the general soon comes to realize that what he thought was a beautiful woman was actually a beautiful man, the brother of his enemy, sent to be used as a weapon against him. Now the first thought of most generals after realizing that the have been made of fool of would probably have been to kill the "Princess" but not our general, much like a Yaoi manga, the general finds himself in love with the Princess and the Princess in love with him

Needless to say this love causes some commotion and issues within the harem.  But some how everything ends up working out in the end.

That's it for the plot of the story, of course there are other things going on in the background, such as jealous wives, poisonings, and a love affair with a eunuch and the second in command (that I am still not sure how that worked and I would of been interested to see how that relationship worked) But as for the overall character development of the story it was ok. For me nothing truly motivational happened, it seemed that the general was more interested in the Princess because of her beauty and her physical attributes, rather than her mind at times. Especially since it seemed they were having sex at ever turn of the page.Now don't get me wrong we all know I am for sexual relationships in a book and sometimes the more graphic the better however it got to the point where I started skipping the sex scenes because they didn't ass anything to the story. So that took away a little from the book.

Also the use of language in the book for it to be a period pieces was too modern and I couldn't picture feudal lords saying a lot of the terms that were used in the book. Not that it was all bad, in fact it seemed a little comical at times but still awkward

The ending was a little lack luster but not as bad as some other endings. Since I don't want to give away anymore spoilers than I already have I will leave you with this:

Rating: 3-3.5/5

Would I recommend this? I'm in between on this one

Next up is:

Darkest Flame by Donna Grant

Okay, another book I acquired at RT but this time I actually brought and got signed. The Darkest Flame is the first book I read of Donna Grant. For a long time I had been looking  at staring one of her series but unsure as to which series to start with but then I saw the cover for this book and I was like "okay, I like this cover let me check it out," and needless to say I brought the next two books in the series.

The Darkest Flame is a love story about a old dragon king who is supposed to be the record keeper of the dragon kings and an assassin who set up by her own team to die and expose the dragons as wicked and evil creatures. As you read the book you get taken on a dark journey with a sex dragon and a woman that pushed his buttons yet held him down when she needed to.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and Donna's story reminded me a little of G.A. Akien's Dragon Kin series that I love so much, where you meet memorable characters and you can't help but get excited to hear their stories. In fact I loved all the Dragon Kings and their personalities, however me being me, since I always tend to lean towards the leader who is the ass hole of the crew I found myself drawn to Con who is the current leader of the Dragon Kings and I am excited to learn more about him as the series goes on. However that's not to take away from Kellan, he was indeed a sex and powerful dragon able to take care of his own and one of the only dragons who could challenge Con. Kellan is in no means a weakling, strong headed, smart battle skilled and ruthless there was nothing that he wouldn't do to protect his woman, Denae, who was just as dangerous as her dragon. My only problem with Denae was the fact that her need to create a new identity and basically become a ghost started becoming repetitive and annoying at times but I understood her need to be free and at the same time keep not only the secret about the dragons safe but also Kellan.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about how the two of them worked as a team and kicked ass as a team. Definitely a perfect fit for each other.

Rating: 4/5

Would I recommend this? Yes to anyone who is a fan of G.A. Akien and the Dragon Kin series and anyone who loves Dragons and hot men :)

Last but not least is:

Srae: Iss-Ka-Mala by Chaeya

Again another book I happily received during RT. I had the privilege to sit down and actually get to know the author of this book and it added a depth to the book that I truly did appreciate. However, being that I am more into ancient myths and what not, it takes me a long time to get interested in futuristic tales  so it took me a while to truly get into the book but once I did I wasn't able to put it down and found myself excited to see what happened next.

Srae is definitely a unique tale that reflects its author and her essence and love of music. While at times it reminded me of one of Sherrilyn Kenyon's League Series Novels, Srae's world was truly one that was built from the ground up and beyond. Everything from Earth, to the Ships to the Alien Plants where described with enough detail that you could see the people/aliens and environment yet wasn't so detailed that you feel asleep reading elaborate details about a rock.

The pacing and development of the characters and the events that followed were done perfectly. Also I liked the fact that there was a diversity of women in the story and that they all weren't set to one stereotypical body type. As for the main characters, I adored Srae even though there were times when she got on my nerves. But her courage and bravery out shinned what little things about her that might have annoyed me. Her reactions to the changes around her and the new life she gained were believable and had me wondering how I would react if I had been taken away from everything I've ever known by so seriously tall and hot men and tossed into the middle of a war I knew nothing about. Needless to say Srae handled it better than I would have.

Then there is Mendon. who at first seems to be this crippled and ugly man but in fact turns out to be this sexy and dominating man that continually pushed Srae and protected her the most. Truly there must be nothing better than literally meeting the man of your dreams even if he is a little bit of an ass and commanding but that only added to his charm.

While I don't want to give too much away, I will say that just about all the characters are flushed out and you begin to care about each one little by little, even the minor ones. Which I think is an amazing thing and something I try to do in my own works. I look forward to the second book in this series ad the story of Srae's mother and father.

Rating: 4/5

Would I recommend this? Yes, espcially to those who are fans of Sherrilyn Kenyon's League Series and other series like that.

Until Next Time

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Updates and Reviews: The Shadows by J.R Ward and Carnal Compromise by Robin Rotham, Revenant by Larissa Ione, Azagoth by Larissa Ione, Kissed by a Dark Prince by Felicity Heaton

Good Evening fellow bloggers and followers,

I know, I know, it has been a while. A couple of months but here I am. A lot has been going on in my personal life but I have not forgotten about you guys. So let me get started on filling everyone in on some of what I have been up to. One of the most exciting things that has happened to me so far this year was the 2015 Romantic Times Convention, while I didn't really go any panels this year, mainly because most of them were ones I had already been to, I did mix and mingle and met some of the most interesting people. Hanging out with the sexy cover models was awesome as well. This convention in Dallas didn't seem as high energy as the one in New Orleans but it was still an experience. Like always, being around established writers and meeting aspiring authors just like me is always a great a humbling feeling. Everyone was so supportive and gave excellent advise. Granted, that one of the only reasons I went this year was because Gena Showalter was going to be there. I truly had only one goal and that was showing Gena my Lords of the Underworld Butterfly and let her know how her writing inspired me. It sucks that I wasn't able to get a signed book from her due to a storm that had her hurrying back home but I did mange to get a picture with her and show her my tattoo. Next year RT is going to be held in Vegas. As you can imagine I am super excited about that. I expect the convention to be large and amazing and hopefully create even more contacts and open more doors for myself. 

You know its funny, I often wonder if self publishing was the best choice for me. But every time I look at the covers I made, or the characters I designed, the sense of accomplishment I feel... I have no words for it. I even surprise myself at what I am able to do is such a short amount of time. Of course I'm not some graphic wizard but I plan on getting there. The entire process from getting the right images and putting them together to create a beautiful master piece it feels so natural to me that I can imaging someone taking that away from me. Or someone whose never read one of my books or gotten to know any of my characters telling me what something should look like. Just the thought of someone doing that pisses me off. No don't get me wrong I love constructive criticism and any advise that would help and guide me. But someone down right changing anything I wrote or designed because they feel that it won't be right is something different. And I also like to be my own boss and the person in charge...

But anyway let me fill you in on what I have been working on:

Eternal Earth is still in process. It's coming a long slowly but surely. Adien is being a tab bit of an ass and often stops speaking to me. SnoWolf, DarKnight, and Twisted Midnight as also still in progress. I didn't realize how hard it was writing four novel until I started doing it. And man oh man is it draining. All these characters talking to me at one time...drives me crazy most days lol. But in my usual twisted and backwards way, I manged to create covers for Eternal Earth, DarKnight Dawn of the Red Sun and SnoWolf...covers that I am going to release once the books are close to being done. Well I might show the cover for Adien and Harmony's book seeing as how I love that cover. 

Side note: I am thinking of starting a YouTube page but I am not sure. I'm a little nervous about it actually. But look out for that.

Also, thanks to one of the connections I made I am currently working on a collaboration book that I will tell you guys about as time goes on... and that's pretty much it. On to the book reviews (yay)

Review: The Shadows by J.R. Ward

As we all know J.R. Ward is hands down my top author and one of the series that I am current on and also willing to pre-order for like double the original price (but hey it was a signed copy). Well anyway, you wouldn't believe how excited I was about reading the Shadows and while it took me a little while to finish the book it was definitely an awesome story. While I loved the character development of Trez and iAm, there were several issues i had with this addition to the BDB. 

For one there were way too many side stories and it took away from Trez and iAm. While I understood that each story was setting up for what was happening next in the BDB and the change going on within the Vampire race, there was still a lot going on and a lot of information getting thrown at you at one time. Truthfully I skipped most of the side stories as they really had nothing to do with the main story of this book and more to do with the upcoming books. 

Secondly, new characters were being thrown at us left and right and a few of the I don't feel were giving a proper introduction. Or should I say that with so much going on in this book it was hard to keep track of all the new people and the different plots. 

(And as much as I love Rhage, since he is my favorite brother, I felt his parts were thrown in and used as unnecessary fillers for the book. All of which could have been cut out.)

Third (which seriously pissed me off), while I love Trez, his story with Selena began dragging for me towards the middle of the book. I felt alot of it was fillers and setting up your emotions for a devastating ending that you saw coming but didn't want to happen. At a few points I skipped Trez story and quickly searched for iAm's story...speaking of iAm, but the time I finished the Shadows I found my self more drawn to iAm and his story than Trez and Selena. However once I put the book down I felt a little cheated by iAm's story and how lack luster it was told, as if his story was just a side story in Trez's story. It felt as if his story was thrown in so that both brothers' can be done in one book and the history of the Shadows was just thrown together. iAm was cheated out of an amazing love story and giving some rushed and disappointing story.

With that being said, I did like the book for the most part. It still was better than Phury and Payne's book. I did enjoy seeing a different side of Trez and iAm, granted some parts felt forced. Seeing them two fall in love was nice. I even cried towards the end of the book. Truthfully I feel the character who had the most development was Xcor and Layla and this wasn't even their book. (If I'm not mistaken I think their book is next. Either way I am excited about their story. Hopefully with a little less subplots). Watch them two was one of the highlights of the book. Dare I say that they are one of my favorite couples. I think my thinking goes like this. The best book in the series so far: Lover Awakened (Zadist and Bella's book. I actually read that twice. I think Z has had the greatest chage, even more so than Tohr.). My favorite brother: Rhage, and my favorite couple: Xcor and Layla (even though they aren't actually together). 

Rating: 3.5

Would I recommend this book? Yes, (mainly because it is part of the series.)

Review: Carnal Compromise by Robin Rotham

I actually had the great pleasure of meeting Ms. Robin and finding out she is a lovely person, which encouraged me to buy this book. And man oh man am I glad that I did. Talk about naughty. This book is probably at my top for the steamiest books I have ever read and I have read some pretty sexy books. All that aside this book wasn't just about sex, (well majority of it was), I definitely fell in love with the three main characters: Brent, Joe, and AJ. I love reading about strong women who become liberated and masters of themselves while finding true love. To be honest I think a guilty dream of mine is to have a relationship like the one the three main characters have.

Sexual tension is felt through the book and adds a bit a laughter into serious situations as you watch three people who are obviously attracted to each other fight their growing feelings. I envy AJ and her luck of having two dream men at her fingertips. 

If this book doesn't do anything else it pushes past people comfort zones. And unless you are an open minded individual and love a good down and dirty smexy book, there will be something missing in it for you. But for those of us that like to think outside the box this is one book you would want to read.

I also like how you don't have to read the books necessarily in order to know who the characters are. Apparently I started with the second book and felt like I was reading the first. There is enough information given so that the reader knows what happened in the past but not enough given to over shadow what is going on in the present. 

Rating: 4 (there is no denying I was hot under my collar)

Would I recommend this? Oh yes I would.

Review: Revenant by Lariss Ione

Okay seriously how could I forget to give a review of another one of my favorite authors. Where do I begin with this book. It was a great closure to the current deominca series, Granted I wish we would have gotten more of Revenant in the earlier stages of the demonic world but with the way the world was set up and they way things played out his introduction was perfect, especially with Reaver regaining his angel status and Revenant popping up and adding another bad ass smexy hunk to the equation. 

Reading Revenant's book he quickly became my favorite character from the demomica series. There is something about a torment bad good guy that just makes me weak in the knees. Add to that he's some type of fallen angel with a smart and dirty mouth that makes you swoon. Yup, Rev totally captured my heart. 

Watching this bad-ass angel fall for his heroin was amusing and entertaining. Both Rev and Blaspheme's development throughout the story intertwined perfectly with the plot and the series of events that had taken place before hand. Like I said the way everything was tied together and the introduction of the babies has me excited to see what Larissa is going to do next.

Rating: 4.5

Would I recommend? Obviously

Review: Azagoth by Larissa Ione

Being that this one was part of the 1001 Dark Nights, it was a short read with not much going on. However, it was still a good in between read. Azagoth or better know as the Grim Reaper is stuck in his world, forced to live a bleak and miserable existence that he helped create while dealing with children that hate him and his loneliness and all the other things going on in the demonic world now that the Apocalypse loomed over the world.

In walks a gorgeous angel named Lilliana is within his reach it is touching to watch the destroyer of souls revert to a somewhat innocent child and look at the world in wonder as she takes him outside his comfort zones. While Larissa's world of the deominca is a little more serious than G.A.Akin's dragon kin world, I appreciate the child like antics that provide a short relief from the more serious issues in their world and allows for the two characters to explore each other and fall in. 

Rating: 3.5 (just cause it was short)

Would I recommend this? It's 50/50 since its a in between book

Review: Kissed by a Dark Prince by Felicity Heaton

It took me a little while to get into this book, most likely because it is a new author that i am reading, but once i got into the story i couldn't put it down. While i always love a conflicted prince, i wasn't pulled to Loren's character as much as i was pulled to the other characters in the book, especially his brother Vail.( seems i just like the tortured and dark type) But that's not to say that Loren isn't a bad-ass character, with the help of his mate, his best friend, and an unlikely ally this journey takes you down a dark a seductive path.

Though i may not have been a huge fan of Loren's character I did love his mate's Olivia character. A bit stubborn and hardheaded, she didn't cower in the face of danger and provided a calmness that helped level Loren out...when she wasn't arguing and avoiding him. 

I must say the story was slow for the most part but it was entertaining giving us a chance to see the relationship between the characters grow and build as they discovered their love and new friendships. It picked up more towards the end as the climax neared with a very climatic fight that left the reader both satisfied and excited to read the next books.

Rating: 3

Would I recommend this? Maybe

With that being said I am going to turn in for the night. I will try to update more regularly. Until then...